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605 MacPherson Rd #01-14 Citimac
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Telephone: (65) 6844-2220
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  1. ycchua4545
     11 May 2016 at 2:12 pm

    I also have bad experience with Winfinity. When my Fujitsu air con broke down, I checked the internet for error codes indicated by the LED flashing patterns. At the same time, I also called Winfinity to send down their repair technician. The technician did some test and informed me that the motherboard was damaged. The repair cost was very expensive and it is as good as changing a new set of multi-split Aircon. According to the error code, I recalled something to do with low conductivity of cables. As I am a electrical and electronic graduate, I decided to do some testing on the conductivity between my blower and the compressor. True enough, there was a circuit break in the wiring and I was able to reconnect it and problem solved. This incident showed that the technician from Winfinity are not properly trained to trouble shoot. I strongly do not recommend Fujitsu aircon not because it is not a good brand but because the sole distributor Winfinity sucks!

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    1. ocllcy
       08 Jul 2011 at 3:18 pm

      Hi Guys,

      Whatever the bad points you guys mentioned are all very true.

      Very disappointing service. Slow response. Left my number and they never call back. After a long wait, I decided to call and ask again but no one answered again. **** up service. Poor communication between the helpdesk and technicians. There is once the appointment is fixed on saturday 2-4pm but the technician never came. Monday I called them the helpdesk said not sure why technician never went down. The technician said no work order issue to them, really I dunno what to say. Wasted my whole saturday waiting for them and they never came.. Bloody hell!

      Okay, let's talk abit more on my aircon problem. It happens after less than 3 months! Can you believe it? We turn on the aircon around 10pm every night. At around 5am the aircon will give noisy noise. The stupid technicians came to my house, asked me to reproduce the noise for them although I told them it only can be reproduced after switch on for few hours! I think they are god damn dumb! Also asked me to record the noise. Although I have recorded down the noise they said they cannot hear anything.. I think they act deaf!

      Anyway, different technicians came down over a few months, They change fan motor, PCB board, put insulating tape behind the unit because they said my wall is not flat (bullshit in my opinion!) and try all sorts of pattern. I no need to pay for anything because I paid for 1 year service. But the problem still cannot be solved! After many months of torturing, I demand them to replace it with new unit.

      Days after replacing the new unit, the problem come back again. I am going to change to Mitsubishu and warn all people not to buy Fujitsu aircon!

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      1. MIAH
         05 Jul 2010 at 6:57 pm

        Service is slow and bad. Ask to service air-con not cold. Have to wait 10 days to come to check. After checked, was told that the 2/3 way thermistor need to change. Changed and paid total $214 including transportation. $80 for transportation that was so expensive. The parts was guarantee for 3 months. Not even 3 months the same problem happen. Different technicians came to check but within a few hours the problem came back again. Now instead of solving the initial problem, were ask to change & pay more parts which said to be faulty. If again the other parts are changed & still the same problem, when is going to end. End up keep paying for more excuses for parts exchange. Ask the Service girl what happen if the same problem happen. Answer was parts wear & tear, no guarantee. So funny, so after change parts again, next day problem again. You have to pay & pay.

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        1. ocllcy
          ocllcy said:
          Miah, I fully understand your pain! We are in the same boat!
          08 Jul 2011 at 3:23 pm
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