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Block 51, Old Airport Road, 01-122
Eating Places » Hawker Centres
Photos of Yan Ji Seafood Soup - Eating PlacesPhotos of Yan Ji Seafood Soup - Eating PlacesPhotos of Yan Ji Seafood Soup - Eating Places

Seafood Soup for the soul

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  1. Lucardia
     06 Nov 2016 at 6:35 pm
       Yan Ji Seafood Soup - Eating Places   Yan Ji Seafood Soup - Eating Places   Yan Ji Seafood Soup - Eating Places

    Having queued for 2 hours previously at the woodlands outlet, it was with much trepidation that i went to the old airport outlet to give it a second try. I was there early on a Friday evening and there was a queue, though not as long a queue as the Woodlands outlet.

    The best part is how the soup tastes completely different from the previous visit. Our last visit, which was almost the same time, had the soup already mostly sold out and ended with a 2 hour wait and no meat and no prawns.

    The soup during that visit was still thick but more salty and had a char (smokey) taste. This time, there was no such issue and we had the full experience. The soup was slightly different between the crayfish version and the normal version.

    The crayfish version was much sweeter and stronger in taste and i loved it. The meat, which is all made in house, was generous in portion and all the seafood present was fresh. My wife felt that the meat was not as good as they blended in the cartilage and soft bones of the pork. Still, we both loved the soup and this is going to be many repeat visits in the making. The fact that its closer to our house now is a big bonus.

    If you've not tried this yet, stop reading and go eat it now. Its worth the price, time and all the hype there was behind it.

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