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231 Bain Street
First Stall on the Left
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Eating Places » Food Courts
Photos of Yong Tau Foo (Bras Basah Complex) - Eating PlacesPhotos of Yong Tau Foo (Bras Basah Complex) - Eating PlacesPhotos of Yong Tau Foo (Bras Basah Complex) - Eating Places

Yong Tau Foo Stall at Bras Basah Food Court - Coffee Express 2000

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  1. thinkefy
     04 Nov 2013 at 10:52 am
       Yong Tau Foo (Bras Basah Complex) - Eating Places   Yong Tau Foo (Bras Basah Complex) - Eating Places   Yong Tau Foo (Bras Basah Complex) - Eating Places

    One of my favourite stalls serving a good variety of Yong Tau Foo and 2 types of soup base - Normal bean soup which is tasty and healthy and the Curry Laksa base that add OMPH!!! to all that you can order.

    There is so many varieties of fish cakes, veg, toufoo, tau pok, egg plants, mushroom and everything else to choose from, i usually visit with some friends so we can order a huge bowl of goodies in soup and separate noodles as I don't usually my bowl of noodles clumped with loads of ingredients that are usually large like any yong tau foo. Most usually a too crowded bowl might cause alot of yummy ingredients to be dropped around the table, thanks to my butter fingers.

    On warm days, you can also opt for them dried, just rinsed in hot boiling water and served dried with loads of sauce. I enjoy the curry laksa soup base as well. It is really tasty and the ingredients are mostly fresh and yummy. Like they always say, you can judge the freshness of the ingredients with the colour and the look of the displays and in this stall its always green for the veg, bright purple for the egg plant and bouncy white for the bean curds.

    Then how do you judge if you are getting the fresh and good stuffs, the bean curds tells all. If its stale and hard, its probably been there too long, but here its always fresh and bouncy with no trace of the sourish stale taste.

    We love to order dried beehoon separately, which cost you only ($0.60) and you can add on the condiments such as spring onions, chilli sauce, sweet bean sauce, loads of fried onions and make it look super yummy.

    Its a good stall with really value for money and fresh ingredients. Its very enjoyable to buy from them, service is prompt and price is reasonable.

    Variety: 4/5 Yumminess: 4/5 (Really fresh) Location: 4/5 Cleanliness: 3.5/5 Price: 4/5

    Will I return: Yes Will I bring my friends: Yes

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    Rating given:4 stars
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