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100 Orchard Road
Le Meridien Shopping Centre
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6238-8885
Beauty and Wellness » Spas & Massage, Fitness , Massage , Skin Care , Hair Salons , Cosmetics

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  1. claud
     18 Oct 2007 at 11:46 pm

    Nice painful experience, and I'm lovin' it!

    You must think that I'm sick or something to enjoy and love a painful experience. But that's how I felt when I went for my first free treatment with compliment from my friend. She has been with them for many years, and I must say her face is very well maintained and never needed a speck of make-up. Simple and clean. And now I know why.

    My first step at the entrance of the place and I was totally amazed but how big the place is. It looks posh and stylish. Using black as their main color, it brings out the modernest of the place. Angel Sky is a one-stop place for all woman who loves to be pampered. There's a movie room, a gym, a spa, a relax corner with many music CDs for our entertainment, an oxygen bar, reading corner, full shower facilities and so much more. (There's 2 levels but I haven't explored what's the the basement yet.) You can spend an entire day recharging and relaxing.

    There were many rooms in the big place and each room can fit in 4 ladies. Great for a girls day out with girlfriends. I also saw smaller rooms for those who prefer to be in private.

    My first trial session was by Kathy. She was very nice and friendly. She tells me where I need to pay attention to and taught me what I can do on my own to improve my super bad skin condition now. She wasn't at any one time trying to hard sell their services to me during the whole facial experience. I tried their Diamond-Lite treatment today. It helped lift my face, cleans off my dirt and oil from the face and removes the finer zits. This is done using this suction machine with a tip casted with small diamonds. She did my right side first to show me the difference before and after the treatment, and I did see a great difference. After the treatment, she started picking on my pimples, which was the painful part. I had tears in my eyes and when she did it to the huge one just next to my left eye, I almost cried out. But hey! No pain no gain ya. Have to take the pain if one wants to be pretty. (Pain or not also depends on the level of tolerance for individual. For me, I have the lowest tolerance of pain. So this part might not be that painful as I've described lah!) After the picking, Kathy trimmed my eyebrow and then put on a cold mask and a second layer of oxygen mask. It refreshed my entire face and it was nice.

    I must say this is the better free trial facial I had. So good that I was already considering signing up with them when I was resting with the masks on my face. And guess what, with all the additional free sessions and services thrown in, I signed up as a VIP on the spot! Kinda crazy but I just couldn't resists the 30% discount for first timers and the extras thrown in.

    I highly recommend Angel Sky to all of you out there. (Not just for the ladies, but for the guys too!)

    If you want to give Angel Sky a try yourself, let me know and I'll get a free trial for you too. (Limited invitations only. While invites last.) So drop me a message soon yio.

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    1. CanYouCaprina?
      CanYouCaprina? said:
      How much is it to sign up as VIP? Also what will you be entitled to as a VIP? =D
      02 Nov 2007 at 9:41 am
    2. CanYouCaprina?
      CanYouCaprina? said:
      ****** thing is that have just signed up a $600 package with Modern Beauty for 20 face/body treatments to find out their service aren't THAT impressive... =( Peer pressure I guess?
      02 Nov 2007 at 9:44 am
    3. claud
      claud said:
      There are many other packages but to me, the VIP package was the "cheapest". You get 100sessions and also of free stuff thrown in too. Value-for-money.
      02 Nov 2007 at 10:18 am
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