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 28 May 2008 at 8:42 am

I'd flown Tiger Airways several times and mainly it's because of the cheap air tickets. Nothing else.

The seats are small and you can hardly recline them. Absolutely not comfortable for any trips longer than 2hrs. The row of seat in front of the emergency exit can't recline at all! Leg room is really small, even for people with short legs like me. The seats with more leg room are usually reserved (you can pay a premium when booking the tickets for these seats with more leg room). There's no inflight entertainment or meals. If you're hungry, the selection of food is really limited (usually instant noodles or fried rice ONLY) and be prepared to pay a higher price than what you pay on the ground. The flight attendants are also not very friendly and sometimes scold the passengers quite loudly. Remember to bring your own pens to fill in the arrival papers as the flight attendants do not have any pens on board to lend you!

Tiger Airways is good for getting from one point to another c...   

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