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Budget airline that flies to more than 27 destinations across 9 countries in Asia-Pacific.

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  1. Leenie Pigs
     19 Mar 2013 at 9:17 am

    If you are looking for some really good flight deals, then you should subscribe to tiger airway's newsletters... They do have some really good deals coming up. Can you imagine that, I've actually ever got $28 flights to malaysia and sometime ago $48 flight to phuket... Its cheap, service is pretty good and love the in-flight entertainment (the other low cost flight travellers).

    Though its low-cost travelling, you could also make yourself more pampered by the few upgrade options available.

    1) Opt for check-in luggage: In this way you need not hurl your overly sized luggage up the flight (be it walkway or a staircase). Trying to put an overly huge cabin luggage in the overhead cabin compartment is a tedious thing. Besides having to watch the other commuters angry faces for hitting them while you try to carry your luggage overhead, also face the angry fumes of your neighbours for taking too much space or squashing their cabin luggages.

    2)Order in advance your on-flight meals or purchase on flight meals to avoid strange looks given when you bring your home-packed sandwich out to eat. Or having to secretly consume your packed of prepacked home baked nuts. I mean on tiger, i've ever seen one guy took out his bak guar (pork jerkies) to eat.... and the air-crew giving the other crew a funny look while exclaiming : WAH! BAK GUAR leh!

    3) Upgrade to a premium seat near the emergency exit is great for tiger flights as you really do get some good leg space.... even if somebody near the window needs to go.... You just simply shift your leg a little.. Thats pretty convenient...

    4) Purchase the Board ME First option to fly past the queues of eager boarding guest that is snaking in the queue way before time. Though the waiting area is usually well ventilated with plenty of space, because its low-cost, people tends to want to board quickly to make sure they get their cabin luggage space.

    5) Bring along your ipods, ipads and entertainment.. As it does get a little noisy from excited passengers and the staff will do nothing to keep the noise down.. so to have a more pleasant journey.. PLUG IT IN!

    6) Always choose a seat near the toilet if not near the entrance. Because on small flights there is only 2 loos and on a longer distance flights you might get 6... but the toilets are pathetic so drink more water before boarding.. make sure you dry yourself before you get on and only start drinking nearing the end of the flight so that you can use the loos at the airport itself. I personally find the cabin toilets on the tiger flight pretty ill-kept, ill-stocked and not a very pleasant experience.

    For good and cheap flights, tiger is the way to fly.. If its gonna be just an hour or two.. why not take the economical way to fly :)

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    1. hburn10
       25 Jan 2013 at 11:06 am

      Most of the times, the only reason why I fly Tiger is because they are the only airline left that flies direct to Macau, my favorite chillout / space out destination. *Please dont take that away!!*

      My new tip to fellow Tiger travellers is: please DO NOT EVER check in online. Because when they say the system will assign your seats for you, it means it will assign you the least popular seats ie the place ie the last row right next to the toilets.

      I thought I was doing them a favour by checking in online. And there is absolutely no chance / way / methods of changing your seats after that. The officer just says 'sorry mdm, you cant change as you've done a web check in'.

      Well obviously they failed to see the only reason why I am asking for a change is because their system penalizes web check in passengers instead of the other way round - so the cause of my appeal is the reason for rejecting my appeal. Really?

      Their website says there is a special line for web check in passengers, maybe to incentivize passengers to proceed. Apparently not. You get mashed up with all the others in the same queue at the airport.

      Oh, and their online feedback forms are there for their own entertainment purposes too. Either it says error when you click submit after you've typed in all you wanted to say, or its successful but you get no response in return. So the person reading it must receive it and trash them on a daily basis.

      The management of Tiger Airways is a joke. Being a budget airline doesnt give you the right to ignore public feedback, especially when we're the ones giving you business.

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      1. RichardDTan
         07 Jan 2009 at 1:11 pm

        My word of advice to all budget airline travellers, do reconfirm your flights at least two days before you travel in case there are schedule changes you are not aware of.

        Check for departure from Singapore and while checking in for your flight, double-check the return (assuming your trip is less than a week) at the check-in counter before you depart.

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        Rating given:3 stars
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