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Telephone: (65) + 65 6822-2288
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Jetstar is Australia's and Singapore’s new low fares airline for Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Mon to Fri : 9.00am to 6.00pm (local time) Sat, Sun and Public Holidays : 8.00am to 5.00pm (local time)

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  1. hburn10
     27 Mar 2013 at 2:14 pm

    I've taken Jetstar many a times because I feel that they are one of the best budget airlines around. Their planes seem to be newer, seats bigger, and service better. And of course, their marketing makes them look a notch above their competitors.

    I had a surprisingly good experience with them 2 years back when they agreed to amend flight dates and times for me after much pleading. Usually such requests are not acceded to unless you pay extra but I guess I was lucky (or sounded pitiful enough).

    I wish they would be more transparent with their taxes though, and yes I know that being not transport with the extra charges is a norm, but still getting to know what you would be paying for in total much earlier will be still very much appreciated.

    Their promotions are also quite good although I can never seem to catch on their 1-4-1 promotion which is such a shame - the timings are always off. But I did manage to snag a $14 per way ticket for a short holiday which is nice and I am looking forward to it! $14 x 2 ways taxes = $100. Not bad at all!

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    1. Leenie Pigs
       07 Mar 2013 at 9:52 am

      Took Jetstar a few times to various locations such as taiwan, hongkong, indonesia, vietnam and even malaysia. I should say, judging by the number of other low-cost carriers, JetStar is priced at the higher side.

      Though I love the fact that it departs from terminal 1 in Changi Airport and not from the budget terminal (discontinued late 2012), the gate is way way way too far from the check in gates.

      The seats are pretty much upright and have almost no leg space, I sat with me knees touching the seat in front and i'm of a height of 1.66m. Seats are completely non adjustable however I pretty like the onflight magazine. Oh yar... you don't get to do much except read the onflight magazine.

      Shortly after the take-off, the in flight crew will start to call for sales like (DIM SUM Aunties) on food and beverages. That happened twice for the entire journey and once for the flight shop that merchandises cosmetics, perfume, souvenir trinkets and alcohol.

      Most flights these days are almost 100% non-smoke flights and despite the huge plane, the toilets are few. Water is also not provided, you have to buy the bottled water about (200-300ml smallest I;ve ever seen). I wonder if its because of the limited toilets that they are discouraging passengers to drink more water. Toilet cubicle is tight and small however its moderately clean.

      The entire flight is boring and non very comfortable. The flight timings are also pretty awkward.. I've ever taken a night flight to taiwan on JetStar and arrived with a back ache due to the non-adjustable seat, sleepy, dehydrated and in the wee hours of the morning... Imagine this.. You can't lay back, you can't lay forward and sleep on the table, your knee is squashed, so is your feet, so... always choose to seat at the aisle so at least you get to stretch your feet outwards.

      However, they do have some really good deals to neighbouring countries and I have yet to get on its flight to australia. I hope to try its other route and see how it goes :)

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      1. Jeslyn Tee
         23 May 2010 at 6:08 pm

        Took Jetstar to Taiwan this year May. Price was $424 which wasn't what you will consider cheap. The usual complaints like cramped seats, no free meals, no entertainment and the too expensive coke. These are however, not of importance, hey~ its a budget airline, you can't expect too much.

        They currently have add-$18-for-more-leg-space-seats which are quite bo liao. If I'm a Daddy long legs then perhaps I'll take it, otherwise no point spending the money on a short flight.

        The only thing I have complaint about is the spoken English and Chinese on board. Even though its a budget airline but I do feel that passengers have a right to know the correct method of using the safety devices like life vest. With the don't-know-what-kind of accent the crew use, the incorrect pronounciation and the real muffled PA system, none of us really understood what they were explaining about.

        Cramped seats or not, safety is more important to me.

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