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20 Raffles Place
#25-07/08 Ocean Towers
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Telephone: (65) 6533-1333
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  1. Leenie Pigs
     19 Mar 2013 at 9:28 am

    Since it is double yebber dollars month, then I would try to relive my memories of cathay pacific flights. I took CX Flights to HongKong, Japan and Taiwan before and most of the CX flights from Singapore to other countries you have to transit in HongKong and boy the hongkong international airport is crowded. My last trip to taiwan on CX flight, we are actually delayed for about 45 mins hovering in the air atop the airport unable to land due to congestion of airspace. Upon landing we are being whisked off in a taxi way bus to the terminal while we are being whisked off again by running staffs so that we can catch the next transiting flight to taiwan. It was fun but could be stressful as we are about to miss our connecting flight.

    I love CX flights because the flight schedule from SG to HK has many choices of preferred timings and you can also choose to visit HK before or after your destination of choice. The flight is pretty fairly priced if you book early and during promotions. Service is okay and the food served decent portion and quality. Not extremely nice but its still nice to have warm food onboard. Sometimes i find the prices cheaper then low cost flights... during some promotions.. Hard to imagine right. It minimal on flight service as compared to other airlines but as i say decently valued...

    One thing i learnt after booking a few flights is that booking direct from the CX airline webpage is not necessarily the cheapest, you may consult other online flight booking systems such as misa travel or etc before making your booking to avoid disappointment of finding out its cheaper somewhere else.

    My final verdict, Its value for money and good swift service just hate the congestion at the HK airport that mostly causes some delays.... Love to be ontime most of the time :)

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    1. tinkerbell
       11 Jun 2008 at 11:38 pm

      Last July, I took Cathay Pacific Airlines to Hong Kong with a friend. The seats were clean and comfortable, and the food served later on was really delicious and good. :)

      The service however, was just average. On the journey there, I think it was the HK crew and...they were not really friendly or helpful when it came to their service attitudes.

      Some of them did not service with a smile, and most of them were obviously very hurried while serving the passengers. Food were asked to be cleared within a short period of time, and I even saw an air stewardess grabbing a cup off a passenger's table without asking, as she walked down the aisle.

      Hmm. Shouldn't she ask the passenger if she could clear the cup away, before grabbing it off so suddenly like that?

      However, the service standards on the return trip to Singapore was much better. The air stewardess and stewards were all much friendlier and serviced with a smile.

      To me, service matters a lot in the airline industry. Quality, comfort and other factors may be in the consideration of passengers while choosing their favourite airline to travel with, but above all, a friendly smile and good service is what keeps consumers coming back for more. :)

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      Rating given:3 stars
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