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lamedotzz's Latest Review
 09 Jan 2009 at 10:11 pm

Tried the high-tea buffet for the second time and there was price increment from my last visit.

the student buffet now cost 15.90 , up from the 13.90 . After GST and service charge, it is about $18-$19.

The high-tea buffet includes unlimited sushi on the conveyor belt, side dishes found on the menu like fried tofu, sashimi, tako yaki, chawa mushi, teriyaki chicken, bacon with enoki mushroom, jellyfish, octopus, scallop sides, handrolls with flavours ranging from unagi, california, soft shell crab.

For dessert, there is only ice cream with wafer available.

As for drinks, there is free flow of cold drinks like green tea, blackcurrent juice, soft drinks. For hot drinks, there are hot green tea etc.

The sushis tasted stale probably because they are not particularly fresh but the sides were ok.

High-tea buffet is from 2.30pm - 5.30pm on weekdays and they are also not available on eve and public holidays that fall on weekdays.

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