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Photos of Bangkok - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Bangkok - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Bangkok - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Bangkok - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Bangkok - Hotels &Travels

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  1. praine
     19 Mar 2014 at 9:42 pm
       Bangkok - Hotels &Travels   Bangkok - Hotels &Travels   Bangkok - Hotels &Travels   Bangkok - Hotels &Travels   Bangkok - Hotels &Travels

    One does not simply get sick of this beautiful country.

    Bangkok is one of the must-go countries for my family each year. We absolutely love Thai food, shopping, Thai Massage, so heading to Bangkok each year for our family holiday is a no brainer choice for us (air tickets are so cheap with sale too!).

    Once you are at the airport, for the social media addicts (:P) you can opt to get the tourist sim card available at 299 THB for 7 days unlimited 3G and 100baht of call time.


    We've been staying in Baiyoke Sky Hotel for the upteenth times. Reason being the location is REALLY convenient. Just a short walk to the nearest BTS station (which links to the airport railway too), and the shopping area is right smack below the hotel. Pratunam is just 200 metres away from Baiyoke Sky, and to get to Platinium you just gotta walk straight all the way pass Pratunam and viola! One of the perks of staying in Baiyoke Sky has also got to be their awesome breakfast. Absolutely love how you can choose to cook your eggs. Poached, scrambled, mexican style, you name it! Be sure to head up to the highest floor (BTW Baiyoke Sky is the tallest building in Bangkok) and get immersed in the absolutely beautiful view of Bangkok. Be warned that it gets really cold if you head up during the night time. But the view is really gorgeous. Rooms are clean too. But we had a bad experience during my latest visit with regards to cleaniness but all in all, the staffs are friendly, so all's good. :)


    When in Bangkok, you can't miss out on the Pomegranate juice available almost EVERYWHERE. Rich in vitamins, its kinda a must drink everyday for me. If you are near pratunam area, you gotta check out the famous wanton noodles shop Sub Sub which many Singaporeans check out as well. Just beside the new shopping mall Shibuya 19. Its along the alley. Closes at 4pm. Portion is small, but the noodles are really springly and I like their chilli. :) You can try their stewed meat rice too. Its good too.

    Som Tam Nua at Siam Square Soi 5 is another gem place to visit for authentic Thai food as well. Absolutely love their fried fish and chicken wings. Nearby there is a dessert place (you turn left after exiting the restaurant), called Mango Tango which is worth a try too. :) and no surprise their featured dish has got to be the plateful of mango-goodness, with the stickyrice, icecream and pudding.

    If you have time, do visit Yao Wa Rat or Chinatown for T&K Seafood too. Many head there for their affordable seafood which taste really good too! Some say they are are over-rated but for me, I really like their steamed fish, fish maw soup, so yep! its kinda a must go for me as well. ;)

    Another place I wanna recommend would be the small eatery at KC Place Hotel just beside Baiyoke Sky. They serve really nice Tom Yum Soup and the fried chicken is fantabulous there. AND PLEASE go and book the massage just beside the eatery. Own by a teochew owner, this is truly the BEST place for massages. Everyday without fail we will make a call to them and book an appointment at night after our tiring shopping day. :) They are quite popular so sometimes you wont be able to get space if you dont book with them.


    Platinium mall (very near baiyoke sky hotel) - A 7 storeys mall with loads of items. A shopping haven but be prepared to walk alot! Favourite floor has got to be either lvl 3/4, has a mix variety of apparels to choose from, more unique styles. 2nd level is a little too crowded for my liking. Be sure to have a crepe just at B1, you can choose sweet or savoury. Nutella with banana is the way to go! Or you can choose egg & ham for the crepe, equally good too! ;)

    Chatuchuk - A weekend market and the largest outdoor market in the world. you can find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING here. you have to get a map from the policeman once you enter the market. time yourself for a few sections. one day is not enough, 2 probably just scan and go. stay on for 2 weekends to enjoy 4 strong days of this super huge market. :P be prepared, to get an empty large bag to store all your barangs. and also a fan to get yourself thru this stuffy market. you can take a tuk tuk at probably 50 baht or a taxi here if you have more people. taking a cab around BKK can be MUCH cheaper than taking the BTS/MRT.

    Terminal 21 - you can check out this relatively new mall. the items here are not that cheap. But many come here to check out the interiors inside, each floor comes with a differentiated theme of a country. so you'd be surprised with what you can find here. ;)

    Places of Interest

    Wat Arun - A beautiful buddhist temple along Chao Praya River (get the tickets at the pier, alight at Saphan Taksin BTS) , it's known as the Temple of Dawn. And it's really beautiful if you head there about 5 - 6pm, when the sun is about the set. I have not got the chance to head in yet as the temple was about to close when we were on the boat, so we head to a different temple but the sight of it was breathtaking. The temple was built in the 17th century as well, so take in the richness of the history when you do visit the temple.

    Wat Pho - This temple houses the largest reclining buddha in the world. This is also the birth place of Traditional Thai Massage. Didnt get to try the massage but heard that it is really good as well.

    Bangkok is a really beautiful country, however do also keep a lookout on pickpockets/scammers too especially some of the taxi drivers who will insist that they will drive you to this place etc etc because the restaurant/place that you wanna go is closed blah blah blah, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. just say its okay, and proceed to hail the next taxi. They will usually bring you to a restaurant that they will earn commission, and the food you order is probably much more expensive than you would expect (not from experience but from hear say. :P).

    Oh, and while you are in BKK, go on and enjoy cheap krispy kreme donuts, and as you are buying them, you can join us like how we usually do during our trips, get extra donuts, have them packed separately, and as you passed by some of the kids/adults that are along the bridges, roads, begging with an empty cup, why not make their day by giving them a donut. when we did in the first time, the joy we saw on the kids' faces were so memorable and infectious that we bought more the very next day to give away. ^^

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    1. Leenie Pigs
      Leenie Pigs said:
      Wow :) well written and I love baiyoke sky hotel too. You make me itch for shopping :)
      20 Mar 2014 at 12:11 pm
    2. praine
      praine said:
      Thanks dearie! Definitely miss Bangkok. Can't wait to head back there again! :)
      22 Mar 2014 at 11:17 am
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  2. cheaping
     17 Feb 2009 at 3:22 pm
       Bangkok - Hotels &Travels   Bangkok - Hotels &Travels   Bangkok - Hotels &Travels   Bangkok - Hotels &Travels   Bangkok - Hotels &Travels

    When I landed at the Suvarnabhumi International airport, I instantly felt dizzy (well, I easily get dizzy). It was a hassle to ride an airport bus after flying and be taken to another part of the airport for immigation and luggage pick up. Then, after a long walk towards the arrival hall, I was greeted with a bunch of people who may be hotel staff, travel agents, etc. and most of them are holding placards/papers with names written on them. It took several minutes before I found our travel guide.

    It's my first time in Bangkok. I envisioned the place as colourful, relaxing, comfortable just as what I've seen on travel magazines - colourful market in a river, grinning couple on top of an elephant, amazing golden temples, fun night markets. Our travel guide led us towards the hotel car which meant we have to walk across a busy, smokey road. Once in the car, we did a little introduction to the driver then head to our hotel. I was excited so even though I was feeling a little dizzy already, I just stared around the roads and checked the big signboards. My dizziness got bad as I tried hard to read or recognize what's written on signboards and street signs...I couldn't even recognize a single Thai letter!

    The next day, I realized that Bangkok is hot, noisy and that the traffic jam is crazy all the time. But I chose to enjoy every moment I was there.

    1. Monday, it's a yellow shirt day. Almost everyone is wearing a yellow shirt with the King's crest. 2. Food is amazing! It was so nice I ordered extra rice and an extra spicy seafood. 3. Shopping in Bangkok (cheap and fun). 4. Golden temple...busy. 5. Took some time to walk around a street where there are a lot of massage places and bars and realized ladyboys are way beautiful than any other women and that includes myself. They said if a woman is so pretty, she could be a he. 6. I asked a taxi driver to take us to a decent bar or pub. We were thrilled that he took us to a place with lots of bars. I remember one with a huge Oscar trophy outside its building. A live band was playing and so we ordered a few drinks. After almost half an hour, another set of band are about to play. The leader of the band is a ladyboy and he has a lot of dancers..young girl dancers wearing little piece of clothe. Then, two old Caucasian men sat to the table next to ours. They were smiling at us and saying Hi. It was creepy. We knew right away we have to leave the place. 7. It made me sad seeing kids selling flowers on the street. I wish they would do something about this issue. 8. The internatinal backpacking community of Khao San Road is like a whole new place. 9. Excellent tattoo shops. 10. The colourful taxis. I like the screaming pink ones. 11. Thai people's love to the King.

    Bangkok has a lot of stuff to offer...a lot of nice places to visit...a lot of things to discover...and might even make us more grateful of what we have at the moment.

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    1. sleepeat
       19 Jan 2009 at 4:06 pm

      BANGKOK – 15 TO 18 JANUARY 2009

      Weather Very different this time, not hot at all. Due to the cold wave hits northern Thai, the weather was so cool that i have to wear the jacket almost every hour. Night time was even cooler, just like you are in HK or Taiwan during year end.

      Shopping Platinum Centre - Big Shopping Mall with cheap stuffs – make it the 1st place to shop. Suan Lum Night Market – Selling local designer stuffs – must bargain. Can chill out at those nearby pubs after one whole day shopping. Silom Night Market – This one can skip. Just like KL Chinatown – nothing much. Chatuchak Weedend Market – Selling things that you can get it at Suan Lum & Platinum – crowded & hot. Siam Paragon – Big Shopping Mall with Expensive Branded Goods.

      GV Cinema – Siam Paragon 1st class – 600 baht (S$26.00) for 2 persons – big but don’t look comfortable to me. 2nd class – 160 baht (S$7.00) for one – not bad, more comfortable than the seats at The Cathay. 3rd class – 140 baht (S$6.00) – normal Singapore GV seats. Can deposit things with them and collect it after the movie.

      Transportation Sky train – cheap & fast – but have to do some walking to destination. Taxi – cheap but slow – after jammed for an hour, it only costs about 120 baht (S$5.20). Tuk Tuk – slightly expensive and very exciting – but due to the air pollution, you will have pimples after few rides.

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      1. whiteblanko
        whiteblanko said:
        glad ur back safely!! platinum and suan lum rock (: (:
        19 Jan 2009 at 7:33 pm
      2. sleepeat
        sleepeat said:
        Yup, especially at Suan Lum, the weather was so cool then i tot i was in Taiwan. Lol....
        20 Jan 2009 at 3:58 pm
      3. Haney D'Lailaz
        Haney D'Lailaz said:
        wait, there's Golden Village Cinemas there??
        24 Aug 2009 at 8:56 pm
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