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1 HarbourFront Walk
VivoCity #03-07
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6222-3880
Restaurants » Chinese, Steamboat
Photos of BeiShanChuan Spicy Steamboat Restaurant (VivoCity) - RestaurantsPhotos of BeiShanChuan Spicy Steamboat Restaurant (VivoCity) - RestaurantsPhotos of BeiShanChuan Spicy Steamboat Restaurant (VivoCity) - RestaurantsPhotos of BeiShanChuan Spicy Steamboat Restaurant (VivoCity) - Restaurants

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  1. WishBoNe
     01 Apr 2010 at 9:07 am

    I went twice to have dinner because it's the only place with a more affordable price for steamboat in the area. There are a few soup bases to choose from and I saw a couple choose 3 soup bases.

    The first time, the place wasn't crowded as it was still too early for the dinner crowd. The second time, it was nearly full from the dinner crowd. What I like is the individual tongs or scoops for each ingredient. It's cleaner. The aircon is cold enough to prevent one from perspiring just from eating hotpot.

    I feel that a table for 2 people to with an induction cooker is too small for the big plates that the restaurant provide.

    The clearing of the empty or dirty plates can be faster so that we can continue to add other ingredients with the cleared space.

    It's easy to walk between tables although some tables are too close to pass through.

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    1. fin1710
       19 Jul 2008 at 3:02 am
         BeiShanChuan Spicy Steamboat Restaurant (VivoCity) - Restaurants   BeiShanChuan Spicy Steamboat Restaurant (VivoCity) - Restaurants   BeiShanChuan Spicy Steamboat Restaurant (VivoCity) - Restaurants   BeiShanChuan Spicy Steamboat Restaurant (VivoCity) - Restaurants

      Can I don't put any star for this? People, PLS AVOID this restaurant!

      I am so infuriated that I have to write this within 24 hours!

      Firstly, my parents and I were tempted when we saw their advertisement in VivoCity. Thus we went a long way searching for it. It was located in one corner.

      The charge was $18.90 per adult. The opening hours of the restaurant stated 11am to 1030pm. When we reached there, it was around 9pm.

      One waiter ushered us to a table hurriedly, with some sort of abit of frustrated look on his face. There were only 3 soups to choose from (mala, chicken, and seafood), and we could have 2 soups.

      We went to get our food from the buffet spread, and were kind of disappointed with the spread as they seemed to be finishing soon. It was only 9pm!! And they already stopped refilling the food! And yet the opening hours stated till 1030pm...

      There were only 2 pathetic pieces of unfresh looking prawns left in the tray; the crabs looked pathetically small and skinny; there were only a few pieces of watermelon left as well; the meats were still abit frozen; the dessert (looked like coconut milk with corns) was not covered in the shallow tray; the rest of the foods were so-so; the icecream container was clean and empty!!

      The bowls for filling the chilli sauces with had runned out. The light soy sauce also had runned out. I had to ask a staff to refill.

      Our steamboat soups - mala, and chicken, tasted so so only, quite near to tasteless. My mother tried the clams and said that there were sand in the clams.

      We wanted to order drinks. However the staff didn't seem responsive when we asked for them to come over to our table. We ordered sour plum juice and lime juice, which cost $3.50 each. The sour plum juice was tooo sweet, and the lime juice tasted very artificial. Thus my father ordered a glass of plain water to mix it into his sour plum juice in order to unsweeten the sour plum juice. The plain water was charged for $1!

      Around 930pm, I was shocked while eating halfway- They switched off some of the lights in the restaurant. The lights above me suddenly dimmed off. I felt kind of insulted, as if they were trying to chase us out. It was only 930pm! I already had no mood for eating anyway. Just hoping to eat as quickly as possible and get out of that place.

      Slightly later, the staff there were beginning to clean up the place and prepare for the next day. Suddenly techno songs were played....what the....

      947pm, the waiter came with the father was stunned. Because it wasn't even close to 1030pm, how could they bring us the bill themselves??

      The total charges were $76.20. There was a 10% service charge, and also 7% GST. Was there much service to talk about here??

      I was trying to check the bill but the waiter was waiting impatiently beside me, and with a rude expression, he asked for the bill back "with his eyes" and finger pointing at the bill i was holding.

      After we left the restaurant, I realised something ridiculous on the receipt!! Pls refer to the photograph I attached- "Round 0.05".

      What the hell was that?

      I calculated that the total charge should be $76.15. But they charged us $76.20. SO!! They charged us extra $0.05 just to ROUND UP.

      This is totally ridiculous! Why should they round up??? Don't they even have 5 cents to return for change? Even Cheers and 7Eleven round down, not round up! What right does this restaurant have to round up the amount without the customer's consent?? This is really not reasonable at all. And of course, I'm sure nobody is stingy about 5 cents. But do you think what this restaurant does is right?? This is the first time I have ever encountered such a nonsense.

      The former Marina South's chain of steamboat restaurants were much better than this ridiculous restaurant.

      I will not return to this restaurant even if it's free of charge. They should do some self-reflection and improve, otherwise, better close down.

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      Comments on this review:
      1. andyedward83
        andyedward83 said:
        wah so terrible..thanx for the heads up..
        19 Jul 2008 at 9:57 am
      2. fin1710
        fin1710 said:
        u're welcome :)
        20 Jul 2008 at 2:29 pm
      3. claud
        claud said:
        Oh my! Thanks for sharing. Hope they'll improve on it.
        28 Jul 2008 at 3:08 pm
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