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137 Amoy Street
#01-01 Far East Square
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6438-6505
Restaurants » Fast Food
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    2. feizhu
       21 Jun 2009 at 10:25 pm
         Bergs - Restaurants   Bergs - Restaurants   Bergs - Restaurants   Bergs - Restaurants   Bergs - Restaurants

      Had a craving for burgers and heard about this new burger stall, Bergs, which apparently is the brainchild of 2 Aussies who had embarked on a futile attempt to find the perfect burger. Frustrated, they decided to open an eatery that served up fresh burgers cooked/made on the spot.

      Situated within the nostalgic Far East Square, Bergs offers al fresco seating along the side walks and a not so cool air conditioned interior that reminded me of a school tuck shop with its wooden tables and matching chairs and an open kitchen (where you can see your burgers being made) to boot.

      Chips - The burgers do not come with any sides so we started off with an order of chips, which came served in a doggy bag. The chips looked machine cut but were thick and probably weren't of the frozen variant. Firm on the outside with a light handful of salt yet soft and moist on the inside.

      Crikey - There is an option of having your burger done in 2 sizes - small or Bergs. I naturally opted for the latter. 2 huge pieces of freshly grilled beef patties and 2 pieces of bacon, all with grill lines to show for it, rather elastic edam cheese, lettuce and evenly toasted sesame buns - Seriously, what's not to like? Well perhaps the overdoneness of the beef would be one. The patty didn't conceal any reddish tinges within and the exterior was a little too charred. But at least I could taste the mild uneveness of the meat. Did I mention that the burger was huge?

      Alamack - This fish burger's name is a weird pun on the Malay word, alamak, which loosely translates to "oh my god". Funny names aside, the burger came with 2 chunks of fish which were lightly battered with crumbs and came across as tasty without being too fishy. Although this wasn't a Berg's size burger, it was still quite a handful.

      Bergs is probably one of the more expensive fast food places I've ever tried, but portions are generous and service is great. Food quality could improve, especially for the beef patties but throw in an almost crowd free environment on weekday/weekend evenings and its a huge draw, especially for people who value peace and quiet, like yours truly. And to borrow Carl Junior's slogan about their burgers, "It's gonna get messy".

      See all my pictures here.

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      1. Uncle Ricky
         17 Jun 2009 at 1:58 pm

        On a hot Monday afternoon, I happen to stroll into this burger joint. Their burgers come in 2 sizes...small and Berg size. I assume that means Big.

        Their house special is the Berg burger (duh!) and it comes in the above 2 sizes. There is a variant to this, the Berg burger with cheese (double duh!) and also comes in 2 sizes.

        Other than beef, they also have fish and chicken burgers. But I only tried the Berg and Berg with cheese.....both Berg sizes.

        This is a no frills gourmet burger you got to order and pay at the counter (despite the numerous service staff walking around).

        I also had the chips and 2 diet coke. You have a variety of 5-6 sauces for the chips from garlic, ketchup, chilli, etc.....I chose the garlic sauce (under some fancy name).

        Total damage was a round $30.

        When the burgers came, they were in a doggy bag. I know this place is no frills but the number of paper bags being trashed each day will really kill the Earth. They might as well serve the burger up on a tree stump and throw that away after use.

        Despite being both Berg burgers, the one with the cheese seems smaller compared side by side to the regular berg burger. Maybe the order was keyed in wrongly. Never mind......

        On first bite, the burger (wrapped in another layer of waxed paper...more trees dying) tasted good. But it lacked a certain punch. Or maybe because the burger was too soggy. Sure, the oozing beef juice is nice but it's blend.

        It is a nice burger for the $10 I paid but it doesn't have it's own character, sadly.

        Compared to a Carl Jnr, it was blend. Compared to a burger from Ashton's it was large but insubstantial as ther taste did not jump out at you.

        The chips were nice and big but a bit too soft both on the inside and outside for my liking. Like the burgers, it came in a paper bag.

        For a real tummy filler of a burger, I'd chose Bergs over MacDonalds (but also at twice the price of a value meal).

        But if I hunger for a juicy, well made burger bursting with taste and flavour....I'd chose Ashtons or other similar burger joints that have moved into the heartlands.

        Sorry Bergs, nice but no cigar.

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        Rating given:3 stars
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        1. feizhu
          feizhu said:
          I thought the burgers were better then Astons. I tried the crikey which was bigger then the bergs and found the patty a little too overcooked. Carl's junior beef patties have a more beefy taste:D
          18 Jun 2009 at 10:25 am
        2. Uncle Ricky
          Uncle Ricky said:
          The Bergs was not exceptional. Ashton's burgers are still more flavourful than Bergs. I even tried the other Ashton branches at 6th Avenue AND Ghim Moh to be doubly sure, 2 burgers side by side.
          13 Jul 2009 at 12:17 pm
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