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160 Orchard Road, #01- 13
Orchard Point, (inside OG Orchard)
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6836-6218
Restaurants » Fusion, Chinese
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The Bird's Nest Cafe – Where gastronomic experience and culinary expertise combine to give you a unique and pleasant dining experience in a soothing and relaxing ambience.

The Bird's Nest Cafe concept inspires creativity in its cuisine, combining the intricacies and wholesomeness of bird's nest and abalone, together with Chinese tim sum and alluring local flavors.

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  1. Azure1984
     24 Sep 2008 at 12:42 am
       Bird   Bird   Bird   Bird

    Set in a secluded corner inside OG Point, the outlet offers a quiet and relaxing ambient for people to forget a hard day's work and soak into the tasty and nutritious bird's nest fusion meals. With their current promotion at $22.90 5 course 1 for 1 meal, the offer is simply hard to resist. One point to take note though, the 1 for 1 promotion ends this September. Customers will be spoilt for choice, particularly at the number of selections of bird's nest fusion deserts on offer in the menu. Without further ado, allow me to provide a brief review of the cafe finest food. =)

    1st Course: Appetizer

    Pan fried carrot cake; juicy pork, shrimp and bird's nest fusion siew mai; together with crispy mashed yam and minced meat - Simply irresistible!! Rate: 9.5/10

    2nd Course: Chicken Soup

    Nicely boiled tender chicken with soft carrot chunks, the aroma simply sets you flying through the air!! One set back though, the chef adds just a little overboard of pepper, which over-rides the sweet chicken taste of the soup. Nevertheless, the soup is still good to go~ =) Rate: 7/10

    3rd Course: Grilled Black Pepper Chicken with Chicken Rice

    Fragrant, tasty chicken rice toppled with spicy black pepper gravy. The chicken is cooked to just the right amount of time so that the meat is still tender and springy. One of the best dishes I have tasted so far. =) Rate: 9.5/10

    4th Course: Chilled Soft Beancurd with Half Cherry

    Originally, this was supposed to be bird's nest mooncake, but I guess since the mid autumn festival is already over, they have stopped producing them, thus substituting with the beancurd as desert. I find it just normal, nothing out of the special. Rate: 6/10

    5th Course: Coffee / Tea

    Nicely brewed coffee with milk to sweeten it up. One of the better ones I have drank so far, but still, I find it nothing special. Rate: 7/10

    Now, coming to service, I must say that they are all very professional! Each of the waitress there will be on the lookout at the pace their customers are finishing their meal, so that the next course will be ready to be served just as they finished the existing one. This kind of services really get me impressed. Definitely worth every money for the price paid. For the service, I gave them... Rate: 10/10

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