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Food and Beverages » Coffee & Tea
Photos of Bistro Delifrance (Tampines Mall) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Bistro Delifrance (Tampines Mall) - Food & Beverages

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  1. x33kawaii-lov3
     20 Dec 2011 at 2:31 pm
       Bistro Delifrance (Tampines Mall) - Food & Beverages

    I am not sure what the bread is named, but I loved it since my parents bought it when I was young;D

    The bread is soft and sweet, and it was sprinkled with bits of sugar, completing its taste. It may sounds to be really sweet bread, but it is not. The sweetness was moderate despite having different levels of sweet components.

    And I really love the way the bread is so soft and puffy^^ I took a bite on one side of the bread and it puffs up back immediately. The feeling of chewing on it was special, and there are mild juices sliding from the surface of the bread when it was placed into my mouth. Together with the sugar bits, it gives a crispy sense of biting and the way the sugar bits melts in the mouth is indescribable ;D

    It costs $3.80 and I felt it was a reasonable price to pay for delicious puffy bread;D

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    Rating given:5 stars
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    1. $money$
       25 Oct 2009 at 9:30 am
         Bistro Delifrance (Tampines Mall) - Food & Beverages

      For $9.90 , it’s quite worth it for a neighbourhood buffet breakfast. It includes free-flow of orange juice. And the staff continuously serves out the food.

      There’s different type of pastry, including those with fillings. There’s the baked tomato for those who want some vegi to go with breakfast. There’s the baked beans to give some wetness to your lots-of-pastry breakfast.

      On the negative side, probably will be that the food serving area is a bit cramp and that the scrambled eggs is not as nice as those from McDonalds. It’s not cooked long enough (don’t worry, it is cooked) and hence a bit soft, making excessive consumption not advisable as you will easily get a bit sick of it (don’t worry, not “get sick from it”) (maybe that’s the trick, taste alright at the start so you will say “let’s come back again”, but you won’t eat too much of it when you are full).

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      Rating given:4 stars
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