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Vivo City #02-156/157
Telephone: (65) 6376-9740
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional)
Photos of Bosses - RestaurantsPhotos of Bosses - RestaurantsPhotos of Bosses - RestaurantsPhotos of Bosses - RestaurantsPhotos of Bosses - Restaurants
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      » 7 Reviews for “Bosses ” - Restaurants

    2. hburn10
       16 Jan 2009 at 9:59 am
         Bosses - Restaurants

      Bosses = Hei She Hui!

      Food here was surprisingly similar to Crystal Jade's La Mian Xiao Long Bao. Went for my brother's birthday, and we decided to try 2 kinds of la mian with several dishes with the 4 of us. The onion oil la mian didn't taste like there was any onion in it, just salty. My mum's seafood fried la mian was better (according to them).

      Our salt fried french beans turned out to be deep fried instead of stir fry, which I feel they should mention in the menu! The wasabi prawns was okay, but a little expensive with 5 pieces for $18. Their supposedly stuffed chicken wing with diced abalone and glutinous rice didn't awe us either, plus we couldn't find the abalone!

      Overall, I'd thought the food would be better. Ambience was nice though, with the plushy black sofa seats to sink in. If you are like me, who was dying to try it after spotting the very cool decor, you can try your luck at the other dishes I suppose. Maybe it was just my choice of dishes huh.

      And if you are intending to surprise a birthday boy / girl with an after-meal cake, please make it explicit to the staff that it is supposed to be a surprise, as the over zealous supervisor demonstrated by bringing my cake out on his own and then asking the whole table if he should starting placing the candles already.

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      Rating given:2 stars
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      1. intsymoo
         13 Jan 2009 at 9:53 pm

        check out the dim sum promotion every monday to saturday, 230-530pm, 30% off dim sum menu. it's a good deal!

        i tried their custard bun (supposedly their specialty dim sum dish), xiao long bao, queen siew mai, carrot cake, and char siew rice roll. the xlb is good! the skin may nt be as thin as other restaurants, but it is soft and does not break easily too. the soup is abundant and really savoury. gotta be my fave dish here! the siew mai was good too, and the rest just average - generally nice, but nothing to rave abt.

        tea is $4 a pot and they'll always top up with hot water, so it's good to get a pot if you're intending to chat over tea.

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        Rating given:4 stars
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        1. Leenie Pigs
           20 Jun 2008 at 10:03 am
             Bosses - Restaurants   Bosses - Restaurants   Bosses - Restaurants   Bosses - Restaurants   Bosses - Restaurants

          It was another fabulous nite out with my GAGA pals.. and guess what... we decided to rave it out the gangster way....

          I was actually hoping to find a xiao ma ge mannequin inside.. But don't have leh.... Only could find some really sissy waiters... (oops) Like those in the movie.... (Movie Star ok)!

          The deco of the place was CHIC... Too CHIC to be like the famous HongKong Gangster movie starring Chow Yuan Fatt... The Black mirriory Like finishes are simply too fabulous.. I mean you can detect stucked veg in between your teeth everywhere u turn.... Its what i call customer concious designs. The place was huge with a nice view of the sea and smooching couples.... but one thing you must really do.. Thats to check out the LOO... aka TOOLET... It took me like 5 minutes to find it.... There are mirriors everywhere and its so camoflaged i almost peed on the washing basin...

          NOW I KNOW WHY IT IS CALLED BOSSES.... In the event you need to hide... u can just camoflaged yourself or hide in some hidden space like the toolet and wait it out.. Your enemy can NEVER find you.... CHECKING THE TOILET IS A SUPER MUST....

          Now we come to the food.. I pretty like the idea that they serve an excellent selection of teas.. If you are just feeling chatty, you could ask the waitress whats this tea for and what that tea is used to.. and soon you'll find yourself in a TCM class...

          We ordered so much food but there are a few I must mention. 1st there this duck on fruit platter and boy... Its so good.. refreshingly sinless... Judging by the small strips of duck meat on top of this fruit platter, we won't get high cholestrol perhaps will only be overworked as we try to out eat all the others GRACEFULLY.... And theres this fried brinjal or eggplant.... its soft and crispy and very healthy.. Yum Yum... The fried noodles are great too... and not to forget the soup in which the serving is so huge.. One serving and there goes half my stomach.... Not to forget Cold Chickens.... So tender and soft and its COOL... really really nice..

          Overall It was an intriguing experience... and its simply too fabulous for the GAGA Girls as in such an environment we are not frowned upon when we do the loud Ooohsss and Aaahhhss and the HA HA HA and the OH MY GOD! THIS IS GREAT.....

          Its a experience of the lifetime... Be BOLD.. Try to be a Big Boss... You just never know what you never know....

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          Rating given:4 stars
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          1. claud
            claud said:
            20 Jun 2008 at 10:32 am
          2. claud
            claud said:
            Ok... overly excited! Click too fast! LOL! The GAGA girls back in action!
            20 Jun 2008 at 10:35 am
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