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559 Bukit Timah Road
#01-01 King's Arcade
Telephone: (65) 6466-3477
Restaurants » Fast Food
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  1. Jeslyn Tee
     06 Feb 2010 at 11:25 pm
       Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants

    Walking around the place with nothing much to choose for 3 hungry people's lunch, we finally walked into this shop(?) that did not look too catching but yet interesting.

    Decorated in a manner that is sure to look inviting to students, we do see a lot of polaroids from past visitors (with their faces doodled).

    As mentioned by the previous reviewers, you'll have to order and pay over the counter and wait for your number to be called. What we did not like was the hard to figure menu written in chalk above the counter and the noisy sound system which often interrupts our conversations.

    Looking at the menu, seems to be fusion kind of burger joint where we ordered the Katsu burger, Mushroom swiss burger where I changed the bun for their "fluffy~ garlic butter rice" True to the description, the rice was so fluffy~~~ I thought they put a hamster in my plate! (nah~~) I do feel the taste of garlic can come out more instead of being over taken by the smell of butter. Perhaps its the side effects of doing away with the buns, the meat patty tasted too salty. And it was quite strange to eat scattered mushroom, meat patty and rice together.

    Couldn't comment on the Katsu burger as I did not try it but my companion mentioned that the meat was "katsu" too much that it became too tough. He didn't like the idea of having the katsu between sesamed buns too.

    An additional compliment to Burger Shack was that, our order was late. Lolx~ how was that a compliment? Well, our number was called way after it should and the cashier had sent us complimentary ice cream voluntarily. (Note: We didn't even noticed our order was late -.-") Good customer service I would say. And so great tasting was their ice cream that we decided to be gluttony and ordered their brownie and apple pie. Brownie was a disappointment although it will be unfair of me to say that as its my personal preference towards crispy brownies and theirs was not. However, I do love the smell of the buttery crust and its texture of .. of ... pineapple tarts?

    It will not be a place I'll frequent since its rather out of my way. With its limited menu, it will be difficult to choose as a venue for gatherings nor for frequent dining (will get sick of the food).

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. ladyironchef
       02 Oct 2009 at 9:16 am
         Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants

      Shucks! What are you doing with fork & spoon? Throw them away! The re way to eat a delicious burger, is to use your hands! First, press down and flatter the bun, stuff back all the ingredients that dropped out, and use both hands, yes bare hands with no napkins, or wrapper. Picked up the burger and take a breathe in; just like how people swirl and sniff their wine.

      Okay now, the glorious moment; take your first tentative bite – open your mouth as wide as you can, and sink your teeth into the bun, then taste the ingredients, and then the meat, followed by the bun again. Yum! And finish the whole burger in one mouthful!

      We queued up and ordered from the counter when everyone arrived; there was seven different burgers to choose from, with the typical add-ons like cheese, bacon, and egg. My friend ordered the BBQ pulled pork burger ($6.20), the pork strips were actually quite tasty, but the bun was too hard. And oh yes, note that all the price stated are just the burger only, you need to add on $3.50 (or $2.50 for students) for a set with fries and drink.

      The Thai Chili burger ($6.20) was sweet-meet-spicy; a piece of deep fried chicken patty was drizzled with spicy sweet sauce Fancy a Zinger?

      It is the must-have for every burger joint on their menu, how can they not have the King Ramlee burger? Unfortunately, Burger Shack’s Ramli ($6.20) is a very poor rendition of the famous street burger. Even Relish’s version was better. In place of the sweet chili sauce, they used a sambal sauce which wasn’t really spicy, and Ramlee’s all about the generous sweet chili with lots of barbecue sauce. And instead of wrapping the patty within the omelette, they merely placed the sunny side-up above the beef patty.

      Another chicken, the J-burger ($6.20) with okonomiyaki sauce.

      The Grilled Chicken ($5.70) was pretty decent with a tender flamed-grilled chicken fillet. Pity about the hard buns though.

      Omph, I was excited by the prospect of having melted cheese on top of a medium rare beef patty with a pink tinge in the middle. Delicious right?

      Except it wasn’t the case.

      There’s the Original ($5.70) and the Double ($7.70) to choose from, and I had add-on cheese for $1.50 too. And I feel cheated that the cheese wasn’t melted. The beef patty was also much smaller than expected.

      Nowadays I seldom check out new restaurants immediately when they are just opened. It’s like nurturing a plant; you need to water it regularly, give it nutrients and let it have sufficient sunlight to grow. The same goes for a new restaurant, there are bound to be hiccups initially so we need to give them time to improve the service and tweak the menu.

      Three things I don’t like about Burger Shack: the noisy sound system as they use mic to call out the orders that are ready. As much as I understand that the self-service system helps them to keep the price competitive, but I couldn’t help feeling irritated, and it had the whole-fast-food-restaurant-vibe. The interior has a poor air ventilation – we smell like burgers after finishing dinner. And the food can really be better; the fries were cold, some of the burger buns were all right, but some were over toasted and too hard.

      But I still think Burger Shack will do well. Students adored Island Creamery and you bet they will hopped by Burger Shack which is less than 5 minutes walk across the road.

      Long story short, if you like my review please do come by ladyironchef . . . for the delicious in you

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      Rating given:2 stars
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      1. feizhu
         21 Sep 2009 at 1:30 am
           Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants   Burger Shack - Restaurants

        I read with much interest the opening of yet another burger joint, this time by the owners of Island Creamery who decided that they wanted to do something else besides making ice cream. And with prices starting at about $5.70 for a beef burger, who could resist the lure to try it out?

        Occupying the space that used to house Melvados at King's Arcade along Bukit Timah Road, Burger Shack boasts a white spartan cafe like interior with a couple of tables and chairs for dine in customers. How this place works is simple. You place your order at the counter, make payment and wait for your order number to be called out to collect your food.

        Double Original Burger - Greedy me couldn't be satisfied with a single patty hence I opted for the double ($7.70) with an addition of sauteed mushrooms ($1.50) and bacon ($1.50). To be honest, it was smaller then what I had expected and the quality was downright disappointing. The beef patties didn't taste fresh and had quite a bit of fatty meat in it. On the upside, you could see it as the patty being hand chopped rather then machine processed. Apparently their buns are made from scratch, like Everything with Fries so comparisons might seem inevitable. Actually no comparisons are needed as Burger Shack's buns came across as dry and hard - worse then most buns I've had. I honestly can't bring myself to believe that the buns are made from scratch.

        Grilled Chicken Burger - The grilled chicken burger was sandwiched between the hard and stale buns but at least the breast meat was relatively tender. It would have been better if the fatty skin had been removed and they had added some seasoning into the otherwise bland and flat piece of meat. The tomato puree atop didn't help matters much. Don't get me started with the shoestring fries, which were hard, dry and proved quite a chore to chomp through. But at least there was seasoning.

        We paid about $22 for our dinner and walked out of the place smelling of food from head to toe. They really need to do something about the ventilation of the place. Food for thought - Success in one area of F&B doesn't guarantee success when diversifying into other branches of the everchanging culinary landscape. And that is something Island Creamery has to think about. Should it leverage on its core competency and continue to sell ice cream or should it move into offering burgers? If the latter, I suggest they relook into their burger recipes before Burger Shack dilutes the Island Creamery brand name.

        See all my pictures here.

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        Rating given:2 stars
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