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3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall #01-199
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: 6333-6868
Shopping » Supermarkets

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  1. whiteblanko
     27 May 2008 at 11:55 am

    Carrefour is unarguably the best supermarket in Singapore. Its house brand boasts of high quality foods at rock-bottom prices. Its Big Saver products, unlike those from NTUC/Shop n Save/Sheng Siong, are truly big savers.

    I reccomend the chocolate muesli ($4-5, depending on promotional offers), orbs of chocolate-scented muesli with generous bits of quality dark chocolate. Its healthy rabbit food disguised (and tastes like) junk (: Their "1" brand cookies, $2.50 for a box of buttery, chocolate fudge cookies are also delish. Breakfast bars are also available at around $1.80-2 for a box of 6 bars.

    At the risk of sounding auntie, they have awesome offers on fruit, 4 thick wedges of v sweet honeydew at $1.50 is just about as cheap as you can get. I once purchased a quarter watermelon for $1, and thoughfully peeled papaya was also going at $1.20. The fruit stall also serves very fresh guava which is absolutely scrummy with many generous spoonfuls of the sweet prune powder.

    I've heard that their apple pies are good, priced normally at $9.90 but prices can (and will) drop to $5.90 during promotions.

    And being very uniquely Singaporean, the many sample stations littered around the supermarket are definitely a draw. On a weekday, one can expect samples such as grapes, sausages, nuggets/sotong ball, deli bread.

    Carrefour typically has very good sales on Mondays and Tuesdays, check Today for details.

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    1. hantukecik
       22 May 2008 at 11:20 pm

      The first time Carrefour opened in Singapore, there was a commotion between my family members regarding its pronounciation.. Care-four ? car-fooh ? well.. no conclusion as yet.

      But in all seriousness, Carrefour prides itself as the supreme supermarket with humble price tags. From electronic goods, to groceries, to clothings, toys, stationeries, and sports equipments.. you name it, they've got it. Its one of those supermarkets where you walk in and have a hard time looking for what you intended to buy in the first place. :)

      Carrefour Suntec is the bigger of its sibling outlet in Plaza Singapura. Aside its huge floor space (2 floors i believe !), and the variety of products on shelves, it also hosts some of the most friendliest employees i've seen in a supermarket. (NTUC auntie, eat your heart out !)

      The trend in Carrefour as i've recognised lately is that it serves customers as a business partner more than a customer. Have you guys ever noticed a Carrefour advertisement on TV/ radio ? They rely solely on their current customers to market their products to others. (through pamphlets, cheap products that become the talking point at every family outing etc).

      All in all, i believe Carrefour is a business that can only succeed in Singapore. The way its going, even GIANT supermarket is trying to emulate its success. Now, given a chance, i'd love to see Carrefour start a few smaller branches in neighbourhood shopping malls.

      Its one of the places to visit if you're in Suntec City Mall, and you could be guaranteed to find something and go "its cheaper here", OR "what?! MADE IN CHINA ?!" ...

      To each, his own opinion. :)

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      1. TrumPat
         22 May 2008 at 10:48 pm

        I love to go to Carrefour because it has anything & everything! Despite it being a hypermart, all its things are neatly arranged and organised which makes it really an ease to look for things I want.

        I was with my friend looking around for luggage that day and we were really lucky to meet a friendly and helpful salesperson. She assisted us in picking a suitable luggage and offered advices which really helped us in making our decision on the luggage to buy.

        The only complaint that I have is their super long queue at the payment counters. Probably things can be sped up a little faster if they have 2 persons at the counter, 1 cashier & 1 packer.

        Other than that, I really love shopping here! :)

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        Rating given:4 stars
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