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90 Hougang Ave 10
#05-06 Hougang Mall
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6488-1300
Beauty and Wellness » Spas & Massage

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    » 5 Reviews for “Citispa (Hougang Mall) ” - Beauty and Wellness

  1. wenwen
     15 Jan 2016 at 2:17 pm

    Really horrible experience at Citispa Ang Mo Kio

    I bought a package at Ang Mo Kio Hub branch and hardly finish 3 facials.
    When I went down for my appointment, the shop has vanished!
    No one informed me about the closure of the branch. I called them and no one answer the call.
    After trying several days to contact them, I finally spoke to the staff and demanded a refund.
    I'll take Citispa to court if can't get back my money.
    There is no customer service at all and the staff at HQ is very rude!!!
    I tried to find some review about them online and found lots of negative reviews and bad experiences by customers.
    Never buy any package from Citispa !!!

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    1.  1
       18 Oct 2011 at 4:47 pm

      Never go to Citispa or any treatment or even stepped into their salons. i signed up for the 38 dollars package for ten times and then they provide me a bill with 400 dollars to sign. They said that it was because they are a publicized company and they have to charge gst, okay, small amount of money i close one eye. Tried to call them for appointment and to my horror when i turned up at their place they were like "oh you name's not inside", fine, close another eye, the reason i signed up for their package is because they say i could use their spa treat for ten times which is the scrub as i don't need facial, and when i called them, they said oh no you're only entitled to one spa treat. I was so freaking pissed and i told them okay fine, you combine three vouchers and give me the most expensive facial, i decided to bring my maid along this time, throughout the facial they introduce me ALL SORTS OF DIFFERENT ADD-ONS, AND THE WORSE IS THAT ADDITIONAL ADD ON IS 200 bucks. Okay fine again, but guess what? they combined three of my vouchers which means i paid 114 dollars for a 38 dollars facial and an additional 200 dollars and 68 dollars for an ampoule. Seriously, even when i close both eyes, i could take it no longer, this is the WORST SPA SALON EVER WITH NO ETHICS AT ALL! My two cents worth, once you step into their salon, you're jolly well stepping into traps covered with many traps! I still have 6 more vouchers left but i rather waste that 200 dollars than go back and get rip! This is Citispa Amk hub btw, my friend tried citispa hougang, eastpoint, jurong point, all got the same results and feedbacks. So, the conclusion is, citispa is just a bad place to go.

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      1. prestozi
         29 Aug 2010 at 11:14 pm

        I had a bad experience with Citispa as well. I bought a sliming and facial package at one of their roadshows last year. Thinking it cost $38 per session (I signed up for 15 sessions) and the sales personnel told me that it was worth getting it, I decided to get it a try.

        I went to the citispa outlet at Hougang Mall to do the slimming and facial. The manager of the outlet told me that the slimming package which I bought was not really helpful because it would not be as effective as their other slimming packages. She countered proposed another sliming device, LPG, which is more effective than the current one which I signed up. She claimed that by doing slimming with LPG, it is more effective in weight losing and I could see the result in a short period time. She said that she has been working for Citispa for many years and she would not “lie” based on her work experience. She then persuaded me to take up 40 sessions which cost a few thousands more. I was hesitated but finally gave in. The package cost me $4000plus.

        After upgrading to the LPG slimming package, I encountered a lot of difficulties trying to get an appointment for the LPG slimming service. I tried calling them to fix an appointment 1-3 weeks in advance and I was still unable to get an appointment date. The staff explained to me that many customers are doing LPG and hence the waiting time is long. I was quite frustrated after attempting several times trying to get an appointment. In my mind, I was wondering if they are unable to meet the demand, in the first place why they are luring customers to take up the package. I also did not get to see any result after undergoing 20 LPG sessions I felt cheated because I had spent such a large sum of money and yet the service provided by them do not justified that.

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