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1 Woodlands Square
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Telephone: (65) 6893-5505
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional), Deli & Cafe , Chinese

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    » 3 Reviews for “Crystal Jade My Bread (Causeway Point) ” - Restaurants

  1. intsymoo
     28 Sep 2008 at 6:33 pm

    I agree the chicken wings are delicious here! Not in particular this outlet actually, basically any Crystal Jade with the takeaway counter would prolly sell the wings.

    At $1.40 it may seem a tad expensive, but I'm sure your taste buds will be jolly happy with your buy! When I ate it again recently it didn't taste as WOAH as it did when I first tried it though. Perhaps it's to do with the yearning and craving that raised the expectations of the taste buds. Still good though, worth a try if you're looking for some snacks and you see a CJ counter nearby.

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    1. tinystickfigures
       24 Sep 2008 at 6:26 pm

      The chicken wing sold in this bakery totally RRROCCCCKS. I don't know what other words i can use to describe the chicken wing. It's fried to the max crispiness on the outside and its tender and succulent on the inside. The batter that they use to fried along with the chicken wing and species that is incorporated within the chicken wing is simply marvelous. It's currently $1.40 per wing (plus the drum) i believe. Which is not expensive at all. It has a really unique taste. Try it! Other pastries are awesome too. The speciality bread they sell are nice too. (: One bite of it, i believe you will get hooked. Who else tried it before?!?!?!:D

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      1. Great Sage
         25 Nov 2007 at 7:40 pm

        Unusual shape of Char Siew Pastry? I was waiting for my movie to start when i stumbled onto this shop - Crystal Jade My Bread. Located at the fourth floor in Causeway point, this shop is actually a bakery shop. But, beside selling bread, they also sell 'pao', cakes and some pastry.

        Thinking of grabbing something to eat before the movie start, i went into the shop to look at some of their bread. To my surprise, their bread are rather unusual. Take for example, they have black glutionous rice bread and yam, chestnut bread. All these are rather rare in normal bakery shop.

        Since i was feeling rather full at that time, i decided to give their bread a miss and start looking at their pastry. They have all their pastry put inside the display shelf with a warmer. I pretty liked the idea of using a warmer to store their pastry. This way, i will bound to eat a warm pastry at any time of the day.

        They have quite a few varieties of pastry, which includes egg tart, bbq pork pastry, cheese and ham stick, etc. In the end, i choose their bbq pork pastry which i think it looks rather delicious. Oh yah, the unusual part of the bbq pastry is that it is unlike the normal shape of bbq pork pastry which is in long rectangle shape. They sold their pastry in a trianglular shape!

        With a pastry like skin covering the bbq pork, the bbq pork pastry tasted good. The skin has a strong buttery taste and it tasted still as good with the sweety sesame seeds placed right on the top of the skin.

        Its filling is of course the bbq pork and i liked the way they have small pieces of pork in the filling instead of mashing it all together. The filling tasted not too bad and they hold a close resemblence of the 'shao la' sold in their Crystal Jade Kitchen store.

        A pretty tasty pastry sold in Crystal Jade. They are also having this Christmas promotion where 20 pieces of bbq pork pastry are selling at $20.

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        Rating given:4 stars
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