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1 Maritime Square #04-01 Harbourfront Centre
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Telephone: (65) 6270-0288
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional), Buffet
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  1. mystery
     26 Feb 2009 at 12:20 pm

    This is my 1st visit for their dim sum buffet, I have been here for dinner ala carte before.

    When the dim sum was served, was very much a disappointment as they are not too presentable and the food itself dont taste good. I wonder is it because it's buffet style. It's not the standard I have expected, since I have heard good stuff of this Restaurant. If it's several fried items you ordered, they are all served together on a plate instead of individual, which I dont like the sight of it.

    I was told of a real incident, a group of guys took the last order with several fried food, when the food was served, all are piled up like a mountain. I dont know about others, I find it rude and unpleasant. With such serving, it's normal the guys can't finish. What a sight!

    The aunties and uncles there are fast but can be dont bother attitude also, we have to wave a few times for order to be taken and was thrown from one to the other to take order.

    When one of our dish wasn't served, we asked 1 aunty to check and she told us immediately, she will go cook for us now.. It's her humour to ease the long waiting time we had, but I dont seems to have the humour for such remarks. I consider it rude though.

    I know of elders fancy this restaurant but for myself, I wont want to walk into it again unless it's Wedding or Elder's Birthday.

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    Rating given:2 stars
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    1. smudger
       11 Apr 2008 at 6:46 pm

      I didn't know of this place till I went online and looked for some dim sum restaurant. I think I'll prefer to go to Red Star the next time round, although I'm not saying the food here is bad.

      If you drive here, please head straight for the 4th floor for your own convenience. For others, you may have some trouble locating this place. It's kind of weird that it is located next to the carpark, with a entrance big enough for car to enter the restaurant. How's that for a start? :P This place seems to inhabited the building long before, when it was still called World Trade Centre. That was like years ago.

      Anyway, went here because of the buffet dim sum set. Tried many of the dishes like the traditional har kow, siew mai, char siew bao and some new dishes not common like fish fillet and minced meat stuffed items.

      While some of the food came out hot, most others were served warm or even cold. I was quite disappointed with that, nevertheless it is a buffet style lunch so I don't expect it to be too good either. Don't bother to try some of the uncommon items to be safe, as it seems that some of the experiment didn’t turn out successful.

      The staff here are mostly aunties and old man but service was pretty much ok. Food is served promptly and drinks are refilled regularly. Did not have to let my stomach growl from waiting, but there isn't much to rave about here. Go for some other restaurants if you're looking for a decent dim sum, if not you can still patronise the restaurant for a relatively standard buffet deal.

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      Rating given:3 stars
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      1. Lucardia
         18 Jan 2008 at 11:24 pm
           Dragon Gate Restaurant - Restaurants   Dragon Gate Restaurant - Restaurants   Dragon Gate Restaurant - Restaurants   Dragon Gate Restaurant - Restaurants   Dragon Gate Restaurant - Restaurants

        A member of the Starling Group of restaurants which include Dragon Gate, Orient Ocean, River City and the 88 Restaurant, this is the choice my dad made after a prior good experience he had with his friends.

        Judging by the shots, its obvious to see that the restaurant is geared towards huge banquets and events. It says as much on their website touting their huge capacity and being a 'Perfect choice of perfect venue for any occasion.' The interior also masks the fact that the main entrance of the restaurant is actually at the carpark, convenient but in direct contrast to the posh oldies interior.

        The menu we had was the cheapest of 3 sets offered. Standing at $22.80 per head, there were five limited items to order and 45 other items we could try. Everything has to be ticked and ordered and it will be served throughout the buffet.

        Deep Fried Breaded Prawn Fritters - The first item i had were these fritters and i must say they tasted good. Lightly breaded, crispy and sweet. It was pretty oily though.

        Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab - These crabs were just plain bad. The meat was thin and powdery to the point that even the sauces couldn't enhance its taste. Now i know why the crab was free flow, it simply isn't good.

        Sweet and sour pork - This was decent. The meat was slightly crunchy without losing its inner tenderness. It was also lightly sweet and sour without being overwhelming.

        Pan Fried Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce - The salmon was overly fried such that the meat tasted too dry. The sauce did not help as it was overly sweet and not appetizing in the least.

        Deep Fried Chicken in Beancurd Skin - Crispy, hot and oily describes this dish. The freshness of the chicken is debatable of course but for what its worth. Everyone enjoyed it.

        Baby Kai lan and Mushrooms - Bland and tasteless, the only redeeming factor to this dish is the crunchy and fresh baby kai lans.

        Japanese Egg Beancurds - You can practically buy and cook this at home. The beancurds are typical supermarket quality with nothing truly special. The serving for this was huge but whats the point of big servings when no one wants to eat it?

        Shark's Fin (1 serving per customer) - This is a joke through and through. I could hardly make out the shark's fin and the broth is simply too thick for its own good.

        Char Siew (Roast BBQ Pork) - As nice as it looks, the roast pork is simply too dry and tough to chew on for its own good. I'm surprised they managed to mess up on something this widely available actually.

        Garlic Steamed Fresh Prawns (1 Serving per customer) -A far cry from HTL but thats unfair to compare here i suppose. Their version was decent and the aroma and sauce does have a certain charm, the only gripe here is the size of the prawns, which were too small to leave a good impression.

        Zhi Bao Ji(Steamed Paper Wrapped Chicken)- The meat was tender, sweet and juicy. Pretty nicely done and worth a try.

        Cereal Prawns - A staple dish in almost any Chinese eatery. The cereal was strangely lacking the sweet and fragrant taste that is the norm for this dish. The prawns were adequately fresh this time around and was crunchy with the cereal. Taste was overall subdued compared to others i've had before.

        Scallops and assorted veggies - To put it simply, we finished all the scallops and left all the greens intact. I'm please to say the scallops tasted fresh and thats about all i can say. =P

        Deep fried Buns - A popular dish that night, we went for 3 to 4 helpings of these delectable but oily buns. There is absolutely nothing much special about them. Its your run-of-the-mill deep fried buns available for 50 cents outside but it somehow got us to have seconds and thirds of it. Go figure.

        Sze Chuan Fish - This was so salty and spicy that none of us had the stomach to finish. We practically left it untouched and thats quite a waste because beneath the salty exterior, the fish inside was actually fresh.

        Honeydew Sago - Pretty much stuffed with food by this point, the sago came as a relief. It wasn't sweet, which is a surprise, as the coconut milk practically robbed it of any other taste whatsoever.

        The total bill for 8 people came up to $226.45 which, to me, is not worth the money given the quality of the food.

        I suppose taste does vary for each individual, because my dad still felt the restaurant was good value for money while i feel its best if i don't step into it again. The food is passable though hardly memorable and the money could have been spent on healthier and better choices. Buffets that serve good Chinese food is just few and far between.

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        Rating given:3 stars
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