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1 HarbourFront Walk
VivoCity #02-117
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: 62723306
Restaurants » American, Steakhouses
Photos of Earle Swensen’s - RestaurantsPhotos of Earle Swensen’s - RestaurantsPhotos of Earle Swensen’s - RestaurantsPhotos of Earle Swensen’s - RestaurantsPhotos of Earle Swensen’s - Restaurants

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  1. RichardDTan
     09 Jan 2009 at 12:01 am

    Earle Swensons at Vivo is a good place to go for a nice view of the waterfront (if you are lucky to get a window seat). Nice setting for dinner, suitably dim so that the lights from Sentosa are clearly seen.

    Staff - tend to be young and inexperienced but rather eager to serve. We had to tell off a staff who was vigorously sweeping the floor, while we ate. She scurried off, but left her broom leaning against another table. In the middle of the dining hall was a pail of water and washcloth used for general cleaning. Sigh...

    Menu - some items same as the main Swensons restaurants. What makes it attractive is the salad bar, which has quite a good spread. For slightly more than the other outlets, you can order most mains which come with complimentary salad bar. My family loves it because we like our greens.

    Always thought that Earles was the more expensive cousin to Swensons, but it's actually quite value for money!

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. hburn10
       08 Jan 2009 at 11:46 pm
         Earle Swensen   Earle Swensen   Earle Swensen

      Family favourite but not mine~ Popped in for an early dinner on Saturday at about 6pm, and the place was buzzing with families and kids. I'm not a fan of Swenson's but my friend's little girl wanted to try, although this is a bit deviant from the normal Swenson menu.

      They have a salad bar :D Reminds me of places like Sizzler but this is much smaller in terms of variety. An ala carte salad bar buffet will cost you $11.30 but if you order a main from the Grill, Wharf, or Farm selection, the salad bar comes along with it. A rather good deal I think.

      Salad bar ($11.30) - mixed greens with thousand island dressing, mashed potatoes ham, thai tang hoon salad, fried wanton skin, coleslaw, were the items I tried. Average at most, with the tang hoon being the best. The fried wantons added a nice crunch though.

      Jumbo chicken frank ($13.90)- disappointing. Although big in portion, the sausage used was not fragrant enough, and the bun was oily. Ugh. They had tomato sauce and melted cheese on top, which made it taste like pizza. The mustard sauce didn't help much. The meslcun salad on the side was basically a few tatters of leaves and lacking a dressing. The wedges was cold and tasteless.

      Omelette ($5.90) - this is in the kids menu, my friend's little girl ordered one for herself and we ordered one to share. Turned out to be a bad topping to an already unsatisfactory dish. Served cold and without any hint of ham nor cheese as reflected in the menu. The harsh browns and mashed potatoes that came along with it was...sigh...

      Grilled seafood combo ($28) & Sausage combo ($17.90) - my friends had these so I can't comment on taste. The seafood looked okay enough, but the sausage was pathetically small in portion.

      Service was nothing to complain about, and our water was refilled constantly without us having to ask. No ambience to speak of, as although the sofas are quite nice to sit on, the place is full of weekend families, kids, and babies in prams.

      If I had a choice, I'd probably not come here again as the same amount of moolah I spent can get me better food. If I had no choice, I'll just take fries or salad bar~

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      Rating given:2 stars
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      1. kiyk
         17 Oct 2008 at 7:50 pm

        The place looks very classy and high-end, different for the outlook of the normal swensens branches. I was expecting good service and friendly staff when i was there a few weeks ago with my friend.

        However, i was very disappointed with the bad service. We waited for quite a while to be seated for the staff in there practically ignore us until we walked further into the place and ask them to get us a table. There wasn't a lot of people there that day. In fact, only 6 tables was occupied.

        After we decided on our orders, again, we had to wait a long time before they came to take our order.

        Usually at swesens, the staff would serve the ice water without us having to ask them for it. But we waited for a long time for the ice water and when none came, we asked had to ask them for it.

        There were also some china staff there who grasp of English wasnt good as well.

        All in all, their service was really bad and i wouldn't want to return there again.

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        Rating given:1 stars
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