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54 Club Street
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Telephone: (65) 6536-1181
Food and Beverages » Bakeries, Wine and Spirits
Restaurants » Fusion, Chinese
Photos of Eden Cafe - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Eden Cafe - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Eden Cafe - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Eden Cafe - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages

At Eden Cafe they believe in quality, authenticity and delivering the unexpected. Only the freshest and finest ingredients go into the scrumptious spreads served so as to bring out the food’s original flavour and add a touch of homeliness.

Boasting a wide variety of wines and over 100 kinds of teas from all over the world. Their fine selection of wine and tea has been a great hit with their customers and are great compliments with their cuisines.

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  1. Kilkenny
     30 Oct 2007 at 10:34 am
       Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages   Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages   Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages   Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages   Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages

    Step into Eden Cafe, and its homeliness is the first thing that hits you. Friendliness is next, as Clement and his team greeted us with their warm smile and polite gestures. Service like this is getting hard to come by on our little island! The cosiness of the cafe makes it the perfect place for a quiet evening dinner.

    I'm a fish lover, but only if they have no fishy stink and no fish bones. So, Clement recommended me their Ginger Leak Snowfish, which is a made-to-order dish. I was swept off my feet! It has zero fishy stink and fish bones. Unlike regular fishes, the snowfish does not split into bits as you cut it. And most importantly, it tastes really good! It is covered in a special sauce which has peanuts in it for that nice crunchy bite.

    My friend tried their famous Black Sesame Mushroom Pasta. The pasta is home-made and is dark in colour. As Clement said, this dish is pretty subjective. Some people might love it, while some might really hate it. I guess I belong to the latter, while my friend belongs to the former, as she loves black sesame. Being one of Eden Cafe's famous dishes, I'm sure there are more people who love it than otherwise. A truly unique dish that you can't find anywhere else!

    Finally, we had their Lily Citron Jello. It is a jelly kind of dessert that is stuffed with grapes and topped with fresh yogurt and yummy strawberries. It is as healthy as how good it tastes!

    Eden Cafe also serves many kinds of floral teas and floral cuisine. All very healthy food that I want to try one day.

    Eden Cafe is definitely a 5-star. I'm already salivating right now over the thought of the Ginger Leak Snowfish!

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    Rating given:5 stars
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    1. feizhu
      feizhu said:
      your pic of the pasta is nice and clean. What camera are u using?
      30 Oct 2007 at 12:28 pm
    2. Kilkenny
      Kilkenny said:
      Thanks! I shot it with Nikon D200, 50mm prime lens, and SB600 flash off-camera on the right. :)
      30 Oct 2007 at 12:41 pm
    3. feizhu
      feizhu said:
      good stuff!
      30 Oct 2007 at 2:48 pm
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  2. claud
     27 Oct 2007 at 12:11 am
       Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages   Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages   Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages

    Health and wholesome goodness comes naturally at Eden...

    Was welcomed by the homely and comfortable cafe with smile and greetings from Clement and his staff. Situated up a little slope of Club Street, Eden Cafe is a place where one would love to enter for a smoothing and chilled glass of wine tea to beat those heat from the blazing sun. The cafe feels so homely, I can stay there for an entire day. Great for those who love a quiet place to chill and relax, away from the bustling madness happening just nearby, with some good tea or wine.

    As a seafood lover, especially for calamari, I just had to try their Mussel Calamari Dunker ($12.90) served with crispy wholegrain bread. Although the base seems thick, and together with the wholegrain bread seem like a filling meal. But it was just the right amount of everything that filled my tummy but still left room for more. The calamaris and mussels were so fresh, I could taste their original taste even with the specially created base which was made up of seven different vegetables. Including celery, which I hate! But it was so well blended that I licked the bowl clean. (Ok I didn't literally licked the bowl.)

    With room for more, I tried their homemade Rosepetal Brownie ($5.90). Yap! There's real rosepetals in the brownie and also on it! My very first attempt at consuming flowers and it was quite an interesting taste. The rosepetals blended well with the sweetness from the chocolate brownie and vanilla ice-cream. The rose petal reduces the sweetness with its light bitterness. And as the brownies has no additional sugar added, you won't get "sick" of eating it, although the piece was quite huge. Surely going to order this again when I'm back (i.e. after I tried the other sinful goodness at Eden).

    The next must try is Eden's fusion tea ($9.00). There's so many choices to choose from. When you can't decide, just tell Clement how you feel that day and let him decide for you! Served in specially designed tea sets, you can see the beautiful colors of the floral tea and the nice golden color of the tea. The teacups are cleverly crafted, with the double layer design, you can hold the teacup without feeling the heat from the tea.

    With yummy and healthy food, great atmosphere and friendly service, its no doubt that I'm going to recommend all my friends and family to Eden Cafe.

    If you can't decide what to eat, just let Clement decide for you.

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    Rating given:5 stars
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    1. feizhu
       19 Oct 2007 at 5:07 pm
         Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages   Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages   Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages   Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages   Eden Cafe - Food & Beverages

      Cosmopolitan club street has a new entrant - Eden Cafe, which opened its doors to a soft launch only last Wednesday. New as the cafe may be, the man at the helm, Clement Ronald, is certainly no stranger to the culinary scene, having appeared in many television and magazines write ups in the past year due to his unique blend of cooking which involves plants, dubbed "floral cooking". He used to preside over the kitchen at Helios Cafe at Marina Square, but unfortunately that space is available only for private functions now.

      Occupying a small unit just opposite liberty insurance, Eden Cafe threatens to be overshadowed by its more illustrious neighbours like Senso, Indochine, Spizza, Jerry's, just to name a few. The interior is tiny (I'm guessing about 20pax) and simplistic, opting for a more laid back setting with soft music in the background.

      Jumbo prawns wrapped in Bacon - Prawns wrapped in bacons are always nice. Ideally the saltiness from the not too fatty bacon should complement the raw sweetness of the prawns. However it didn't happen in this case. The prawns were smaller than I had expected and the bacon wasn't grilled throughly enough, resulting in a softer than I would have liked texture. But overall still a rather decent dish, especially with the freshness of the tomato salsa salad by the side.

      Saffron Cream Sauce Salmon - I don't usually like salmon because they have this raw fishy taste which I detest. Not this one however. The salmon's meat was firm minus the fishy overtones and together with the buttery and flavourful home concocted gravy, made for a light yet pleasing dish. However I could detect some inconsistencies in the dish, with some parts of the salmon being a lot saltier than others. The whole portabello mushroom that came with it was good for lapping up the tasty gravy, just that it was a little too soft for my liking.

      Red Wine Beef - I would have liked this dish quite a bit if it wasn't that raw. The meat slab was thick which probably explains the rawness in some areas. The red wine sauce had a nice sweet red wine taste (naturally!) without being too overpowering. There was garlic in it, but I couldn't quite make it out. The mashed potatos were great with the sauce by the way.

      We had one other main, the Rosemary Chicken, which I unfortunately do not have a shot of because I stupidly deleted it by accident and data recovery doesn't seem to work. Well I have asked around and hopefully someone has it so that I can post it up if they are willing to send it to me. That aside, as the name suggests, the chicken was cooked with rosemary and lavender, which gave it a rather fruity/leafy slant. The chicken was rather tender and moist but certain parts could get quite strong on the rosemary taste, especially the outer layer, which I personally couldn't quite take

      Crème Brûlée - According to Clement, the Crème Brûlées are made from real vanilla beans, not vanilla essence or extract like most other places. The little black dots within are proof of that. Clement personally handled the melting of the sugar atop and I must complement his technique as the layer of sugar was thin and evenly coagulated. The pudding was soft and wobbly and didn't come across as too sweet. Definitely one of the better Crème Brûlées that I've tasted.

      Brandy Chocolate - Now this is one sinful dessert with rich and unadulterated chocolate. Nothing fancy, just pure milk chocolate with brandy. However I couldn't quite make out the brandy which was a bummer really. Definitely not for the health conscious!

      Tiramisu - The Tiramisu was covered by a layer of rich chocolate, very different from others I've eaten. But that doesn't not necessarily mean that its better. I could barely taste the cake in it and overall it was very dense with quite a strong rum taste in certain areas. My guess is that the mixing wasn't done thoroughly enough.

      Hibiscus Cheese Phyllo - Undoubtedly the star of the desserts (at least for me), the Hibiscus Cheese Phyllo (or filo if you so wish) came looking very much like an egg omelette. The filling looked like yam ice cream instead of cheese, which was really quite interesting. Texture and taste wise, it reminded me of a partially melted cheese flavoured ice cream with a slight fruity connotation. A delectable dish but one not one I would recommend to consume too much of as the cheese taste can be a little overwhelming after a while.

      Total bill for 8 pax with drinks cost about $337, which is definitely not expensive given the quality and amount of food. Dinner is unhurried and pleasant with great service from Clement himself as well as the other wait staff. There is this little herb garden in which Clement grows his own flora for use in his dishes. Do ask to see it if you happen to dine at Eden's. How about an encore folks? Seedless grape chicken? ;)

      See all my pictures here

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      Comments on this review:
      1. Nemesis
        Nemesis said:
        had eaten once when this cafe was still at Marina Sq, Must say the food was really healthy! haha
        23 Oct 2007 at 10:47 am
      2. feizhu
        feizhu said:
        The cafe's still there, just that its used for private functions only :D
        23 Oct 2007 at 11:21 am
      3. TootiBear
        TootiBear said:
        Helio cafe is no more now only Eden Cafe at Club Street
        30 Oct 2007 at 12:22 am
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