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Singapore Changi Airport, 3rd Level Terminal 2
Viewing Mall South, #036-058
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: 6546 4485
Restaurants » Seafood
Photos of Fish & Co. (Changi Airport) - RestaurantsPhotos of Fish & Co. (Changi Airport) - RestaurantsPhotos of Fish & Co. (Changi Airport) - RestaurantsPhotos of Fish & Co. (Changi Airport) - RestaurantsPhotos of Fish & Co. (Changi Airport) - Restaurants

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  1. alina11
     22 Nov 2011 at 12:24 am

    We (brother and I) went to the airport to fetch my dad from his China trip. He said he didn't eat his lunch on the plane cause he apparently 'forgot to wake up to eat'. Went to Fish & Co. instead.

    Got seated quite fast; I mean, since when was a restaurant full house on a Tuesday afternoon?

    We ordered Ceasar Salad w/ Salmon, Seafood Platter 2 for the seafood lovin' old man, 1 NY Fish n Chips for brother and 1 THE BEST Fish n Chips for myself. We add-on some $ for soup and drinks for the platter and fish(es).

    The waitress was really kind and considerate and pretty. We were amazed with the number of gold 'B.O.N.E's on her card thingy. B.O.N.Es are rewarded to the serving staff when they get a compliment from a customer. Go find out more about them yourself.

    The soup of the day was Cream of Mushroom, really appetizing. Dad couldn't stop talking on the phone with his good friend(His good friend is JJ's dad), so that annoyed me and bro a bit. Salad came after. Like any other typical salad. Mine and bro's fish came together, really good. Selfish brother didn't let me try his NY fish n chips. :( The best fish and chips are indeed the BEST! Really crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I asked for more lemon-butter sauce to go with my fish. Chips were good, sprinkled with some cayenne pepper powder. Dad's platter was shared among us. Mussels were small and good, dory was great, the others (which I can't remember cuz I didn't bothered to) were really AWESOME~!

    Would definitely go back again. :DDDDDD

    ~EDIT~ Hi guys. Me again. This time, we ate at Fish & Co. for dinner. Me and Dad. Bro didn't bother to come cause he was busy playing Minecraft and Mom with working. We ordered quickly, cause we were practically starving. Dad had a Japanese fish n chips and I had NY Fish n chips. We ordered a bowl of rice for me and papa to share. I also added on the $5.50 thing to get a bowl of soup of the day and Kola Tonic or Passion Fruit Juice(?). Soup of the day was Fish Chowder. Simply delightful. I got the Passion fruit juice. I can't explain the taste but, I really LOVED it!

    Our Fish & Chips came together. Dad's Japanese fish came with this sauce, and he poured it all over the fish. Then he asked for Tabasco, ketchup, chili sauce, lemon butter sauce and more tar tar sauce. I was surprised that the waiter could remember everything even though it was a crowded evening. Like my other posts, Dad poured in 3/4 of the Tabasco and continued to eat that piece of fish, so I didn't try his (I hate TOO much spicy-ness).

    My NY Fish & Chips were not very different from The Best. The only thing that was not the same was the small amount of cheese in the middle of it.

    Our rice came after. We took 1/2 the bowl each and continued eating. One thing that really bothered me was the amount of oil. After I finished my meal, there was this pool of oil on the place where my fish was. They should at least drain it on a paper towel or something before serving.

    Anyway, I love this place. Like last time, I would come back again. I don't mind having this pan of fish and chips as my staple meal!

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    1. Massie
       25 Aug 2008 at 4:48 pm

      Went there recently to celebrate my wedding anniversary :) and it was great. A rather quiet dinner on a weekday perhaps. We got a good corner seat too!

      My favourite always is the fish and chips. Dont really fancy the new york fish and chips (the one with cheese in it) cos it get a bit "jelak" after a while. So, I always settle for the normal fish and chips. Crispy on the outside but fresh and fluffy fish on the inside. Their chips are wonderful too. huge and big - have a feeling they fried it with butter!

      My husband favourite is the seafood platter that comes with fish, calamari, chips or rice and prawns. Great combination if you cant decide what to eat and we always get them to serve us fried calamari instead of the grill kind.

      We added $5 for each set to upgrade our course to include soup of the day and a signature drink.

      They soemtimes have tie ups with credit card companies. So, be sure to ask if there are any before making payment!

      THumbs up for this outlet.

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      Rating given:5 stars
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      1. Lucardia
         13 Jan 2008 at 11:11 am
           Fish & Co. (Changi Airport) - Restaurants   Fish & Co. (Changi Airport) - Restaurants   Fish & Co. (Changi Airport) - Restaurants   Fish & Co. (Changi Airport) - Restaurants   Fish & Co. (Changi Airport) - Restaurants

        Another long belated post, this chain of restaurants have been around since 1998 ever since a group of entrepreneurs decided to mine the niche that is the mid-level casual diners. Positioned as a casual and fun eating place at mid-level prices, Fish and Co has since opened multiple outlets throughout Singapore and overseas with new franchises such as "The Simple Life" opened to further boost their business. The question is, is the food really that great? I finally got this answered when my boss brought the crew out for a birthday lunch for a fellow team member. Thanks Boss!

        Casual and slick best describes the interior of this restaurant with its soft lighting and wooden separators. Our group managed to get a personal function room all to ourselves which would have been great had the walls been soundproof. Unfortunately, that was not the case and the function room served little purpose in insulating our little gathering from the crowd that thronged outside.

        Prawn Fettucini ($13.90), Salmon Cajun ($16.90), Grilled Seasonal Fish ($14.90), Swordfish Collar ($14.90), Mussels Penne ($12.90) and Peri Peri Prawns ($14.90) - The above are items had by my colleagues and boss. The food seems alright to me though a little too generic in preparation and the serving size has shrunk since i last remembered it. I did not get to try most of it so i'll be reserving my comments on these items. There is, however, a service issue with the company on this day. We kept getting wrong orders coming into our "private" room due to the fact that the entire of Fish and Co seemed to be booked by another company for their lunch function. Major points deducted on that hiccup because it didn't happen once, nor twice but as many as 4 times.

        Seafood Platter for 1 ($18.90) - Aha! Finally something i had the honor to try. (In all honesty, i had a go at the fried calamari ($8.90) before this but i did not take any pictures. The calamari was pretty nicely fried and lightly battered but wasn't quite chewy nor fragrant as it should be. Decent, nothing more) This platter contained grilled herbal calamari, a healthy smattering of chips, grilled prawns, a dory fillet and rice. High points for variety and the fact that most of its items were grilled and not fried. I liked the calamari for its strong peppery taste and chewy texture but it chilled quickly in the strong air conditioned room. The prawns were quite forgettable while the dory tasted sweet but nothing too special. Overall, the seafood platter is passable but somehow did not quite satisfy my craving for good seafood.

        Total bill for 7 people came to an astonishing $166.40. This is a shock to me as it certainly did not feel like we ordered enough to fill that amount.

        I'm grateful for the opportunity to try out this restaurant but its probably going to be the last time i visit it or maybe second last since my gf has yet to try it. Service and room problems aside, i simply wasn't impressed with the food that was brought to the table. It came across as a underwhelming on many points. My previous impression of Fish and Co was years ago when my mom brought me there and i remembered bigger fish and smaller prices. Better yet, the fish tasted good. Guess i'm simply not "hooked" by their food anymore.

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