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370 Alexandra Road
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Telephone: (65) 6473-3597
Restaurants » Desserts, Deli & Cafe

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  1. marvin
     17 Jan 2009 at 4:57 pm

    i love desserts! sampling desserts is my favourite pastime. I have patronised Food Anytime outlets for satisfy my cravings for desserts.

    I love the Milk Pudding which is as good as those i had in Hong Kong. Their snow ice is great! I love the black sesame ice though the hot favourite is currently Mango ice. i have tried their other offerings - Mango Pomelo, Tang Yuan, Almond Paste, Gingko Barley. Oh the Yam paste is very delicious! I am a yam freak. It is always a tough time deciding what to eat since there are so many of my favourites.

    Their light snacks offering is not bad, i love the yam cake and the lor mai kai. Anchorpoint offers freshly make Chee Cheong Fun which is not bad.

    Though the aunties are friendly and helpful, there is still room for improvement in the area of customer service.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. very furious
       24 Apr 2008 at 11:43 pm

      Food anytime? Lousy Service anytime is more likely!

      The service of this dessert shop is really unbelievable lousy!

      This evening, I wanted to take away some dim sum. After checking with the staff that they sell dim sum that had not been heated up, I placed my order. There is this middle-aged woman packed my order.She packed only buns that are not steamed but the siew mai are steaming hot.(Note: I request for unheated ones as I want to heat it up on my on the next day and my jouney home is quite long, afraid food spolit).

      I asked her if I can change the siew mai. Guess what is her answer? She told me that her fridge is not purchased for the purpose of selling frozen Tim Sum. I told her if they do not sell unheated tim sum, then they should have rejected my order when I specifically asked them if they sell it in the first place before I placed my order!

      In the end, she changed the Siew Mai for me, But , cursing me in Cantonese. I overheard her cursing me to die and eat ****.

      I took the namecard from the counter and called the headquarters, intenting to complain. However, in the fit of my anger, I called the branch itself.I strongly believe that the same rude woman who served me, answered the call.She said she will sack the rude staff which I had complained about.But I asked her, how would she know which staff to sack since there are 3 staff in the shop when she did not even ask me for description of the staff! I asked her for the supervisor's name but she refused to reveal. I tried calling the main branch but the call was unaswered.

      I definitely will not patronise this shop ever again! Good food? So what! Lousy service will make even the most appetising food seemed tasteless. With people like her in the food industry, the ratings of the customer service level in Singapore will definitely slide.

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      1. claud
        claud said:
        Bad service always make one pissed. Those is the frontline of any food industry should be considered a service personel too. Training should be given.
        25 Apr 2008 at 12:17 am
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    2. Vanessa
       07 Feb 2008 at 9:21 am

      Unlike Great Sage, I had an enjoyable time with friends eating at Food Anytime. I was at IKEA opposite and realized that Anchorpoint had finished renovating so I popped by there.

      I learnt that almost all their things on the menu are home made. I rarely get to taste home made desserts and snacks in the States...

      I ordered my favourite- Century Egg Porridge. It was as good as the one in Crysal Jade. The texture was not so thick, and it was smooth.

      A friend had chee cheong fun. Which I personally find amusing because it was served with char siew? or shrimps! The skin was not too thick and the sauce was unusal. Not your normal sweet paste sauce...

      We also ordered Sesame Paste, Mango Pomelo and Yam Cake.

      However whilst eating the Yam Cake, I did not find it tasteless or anything. I don't even eat it with chilli and it was a good and natural taste. Not so starchy like the other stalls.

      The Sesame Paste and Mango Pomelo are on par with other HK Dessert cafes and they aren't so sweet! So I like it.

      As for the service, I guess it depends on the time you go. Cos I went there around 8 at night and it was peak hour! But my food came fast... Guess they sped up with all the number of customers waiting...

      If you are a budget student like me, haha, go and get your tea break there! It's worth it.

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      Rating given:4 stars
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