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123-125 Tanglin Road
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Telephone: (65) 6333-6683
Restaurants » Deli & Cafe
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In Singapore, with more than 1,600 sq ft, the Tudor Court fine food Café-Boutique does not only offer its customers a delightful shopping experience but also a place to rest and enjoy unique recipes.

With a menu inspired and designed by HEDIARD Paris chef Vincent Carayon, customers get a special taste of what they can now also prepare at home with items from the boutique.

Hediard Café-Boutique is open from 9.00am to 8.00pm and is available for private dinner and cocktail parties.

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  1. foodphd
     07 Mar 2011 at 10:12 am

    Hediard Cafe and Restaurant - a little French shop tucked at a corner of Tudor Court, just beside Tanglin Mall. We have walked past it countless times, but never once did we step in to take a look. And yesterday, the day which marked our first visit to Hediard, turned out to be the turning point in our relationship with French macaroons.

    Other than its own cafe-restaurant, Hediard has its own boutique store, which sells a wide variety of food items, e.g. foie gras, bottled soups, bottled sauces, tea leaves, pralines, chocolates, coffee beans etc. Being our first time there, we were quite impressed with the spread of items Hediard offers. And just beside the boutique store was a little cafe-restaurant. The selection at the cake counter was pretty limited, but what caught our eyes was the huge French Macaroons!! Each macaroon spanned a width (diameter) of 6cm! Sprinkled with gold dust and topped with a little “H” chocolate, the macaroon looked so enticing! We have never been fans of macaroons, in fact, we disliked macaroons. The biscuits of the macaroons were usually too sugary, airy and overly sweet. The buttercream sandwiched between the 2 layers of biscuits was just sweet, with no distinct taste at all (no matter what flavour). It was a confectionery with absolutely no substance at all.

    But we were so tempted by this huge macaroon from Hediard that we did not hesitate one bit and immediately picked the Chocolate and Earl Grey flavoured. And this decision changed our relationship with macaroons forever. The Chocolate and Earl Grey macaroon from Hediard was essentially a “Chocolate Burger”. The “conventional layer of buttercream” in macaroons was replaced with a thick generous slab of chocolate fudge. It was a very dense layer of filling. Rather than just being sweet, every bite of the macaroon revealed dense chocolate fudge complemented with a distinctive earl grey taste. And this thick layer added chewiness to the entire macaroon. The biscuit was not that airy, but was more flaky instead. For many macaroons, the typical taste would just be pure sweetness, with no strong flavours. Hediard’s macaroon is a macaroon with substance, and not just air.

    This 6cm diameter macaroon is a definite hit with chocolate lovers. It will totally change your opinions about macaroons. Forget about macaroons from those commercialized cafes/bakeries, try this one at Hediard. After which, you would never try another macaroon from anywhere else.

    At $6.20, this macaroon is on the expensive side, but the surprise and substance which came with it, this is definitely worth the money.

    For photos and more reviews, please visit!

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    1. Stanislas
       11 Nov 2009 at 1:56 pm

      This is the first time I step into a dining place outside my home country that really has the very fine touch of both luxury and refinement without being a full scale "hip" chandelier kind of dining. What an amazing touch of Paris in the Garden city!

      Great food, gentle and polite service and freshness of all ingredients I have only experienced in a few places around. The setting is gorgeous. A bit too much maybe like the charming Normandy chalets in France which looks unusual under the equator but definitively worth a look at if not a taste at.

      I would definitively recommend this place. I also found a number of great reviews on several sites about it that caught my attention and brought me there.

      What I have tried definitively had the smell and taste of home. After traveling in the region for quite some time now, it is good to find a tiny place that has the smell of good old gramma cooking.

      As I am not travelling on a budget, I went for what they call the special Hediard which is actually a mix of some of the best they have. a croque monsieur they call Ferdinand, a mouth melting smoked salmon and a freshly made foie gras that required a short nap later in the afternoon after shopping along Orchard road.

      The mille-feuille was gently recommended and, as I could not believe they had the crispiest in town, they did! Tasty, natural, fresh, I need to get there before I leave and try their herrings. Quite a crash test... Hope I will get the right stuff. Anyone inspired, I found their menu online at

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      1. hburn10
         29 Jul 2009 at 8:31 pm
           Hediard - Restaurants   Hediard - Restaurants   Hediard - Restaurants   Hediard - Restaurants   Hediard - Restaurants


        One of those overhyped & overpriced place. Banking on its atas name and supposedly reputation. Bluff.

        Coffee ($8) - Badly foamed milk with appalling coffee.

        Mocha ($8) - Badly foamed milk, appalling coffee, and probably a drop of chocolate.

        Rum & Raisin ($7.80) - To their credit, the taste of rum was rather strong and was much creamier than those I've tasted. Home-made I was told. Although true, still overpriced.

        Raspberry sorbet ($4.80) - Too tart for my liking, although some may see it as refreshing.

        The chocolate square that came along with our coffee reminded me of cheap milk chocolates. The display for the cakes etc was tacky and simply uninspiring.

        Small place with limited seating for the cafe; the other part of Hediard being the retail for its products. There were a group of tourists being talked to when I was there and later exited with bags of Hediard stuff. This surprised me; didn't know Hediard was part of such a touristy affiliation.

        Service was bad with la-di-da staff. Requests for ice water was forgotten although we were the 2nd occupied table that afternoon. Serviettes were not provided. Staff sat around and preferred to chit chat than pay attention to customers.

        Terribly overpriced. Do not go.

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        Comments on this review:
        1. Jeslyn Tee
          Jeslyn Tee said:
          The rum and raisin looks a...bit ... erm...
          29 Jul 2009 at 10:12 pm
        2. hburn10
          hburn10 said:
          Melted? Squishy? Haha :D
          15 Aug 2009 at 12:20 am
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