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27 Bali Lane
Telephone: (65) 6299-3267
Restaurants » Middle Eastern & Turkish

Yemen-inspired menu.

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    » 2 Reviews for “Nabins Experience Arabia (Bali Lane) ” - Restaurants

  1. kebabom
     07 Mar 2011 at 3:35 pm

    **** PLACE!!!! totally overatted.. i will write reviews on 2 cases only. the place is damn good or the place damn lousy.

    this place is sibei lousy. many people say this place is awesome so i wanna check out. went there to eat dinner and get some drinks. at first i was impres because the menu had alot of things.

    but then the order took so long to come!! on top of that, the menu say, "fine avacado, rich lebanese..." dunno what dunno what.. end up all come out like ****!!! waste my de time!!!! Dx

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    1. aamir
       22 Jan 2011 at 3:27 am

      Just came back from a nice dinner at Cafe Iguana at clarke quay, me and my buddies who were booked out from NS wanted a place to sheesha and somewhere with nice cushions. I recommended them 2 places, Nabins was the first one because the interiors are nice. I had the food and the sheeha once, the food was an utter dissappointment, didnt even come with what they wrote on the menu. They substituted a meat item with a vegetarian item without telling us. And when we told the waitress/manager/boss about it she just apologized without showing any concern and walked away. The long island tea was a joke with 80% coke, being a bartender myself, i'd rather drink drain water. And for the icing on the cake, the attitude of the managers/boss just suck. When i asked for a place upstairs, they said i had to order food to have a place upstairs. And i said "ok", she replied with "ok if you don't order food we will take you down". We went up and did'nt like the crowded atmosphere and asked for a table below. "No we can't give you a table below" I asked if they were reserved that she couldnt give us a table and she said "yes they are reserved". Yea you have six big tables free and all are reserved at 11:30pm at night, what a joke. In cash you're wondering which person told me this arrogantly, its the fat woman with the badly colored hair at the front cashier. I may look like a 20 year old thats still schooling and that may be the reason for her assuming the "you're inferior than me" attitude. Little does she know that im also a business owner and a food critique, most probably earning more in a day as compared to her entire month's earnings. If you want a good setting/ambience at the cost of bad food, bad sheesha and bad attitude, feel free to give it a try. For the greater good of saving customers from utter dissatisfaction, i'm also posting this bad review under several top food review websites.

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      Rating given:1 stars
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