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1 Selegie Road #B1-20, Paradiz Centre
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Restaurants » Chinese, Steamboat

Hong Kong Steamboat restaurant.

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  1. claud
     27 Dec 2008 at 3:04 am

    Thanks to the food hunters! We managed to have our Christmas dinner at this hidden place. I think I've heard about it before but never really thought of trying it. But no regret after I tried it.

    When we arrived, the place was empty with only one table filled. But as the night comes, the place gets very packed with hungry families and friends.

    The choice of food is pretty decent, and they're fresh. Agree that the beef was fantastic! We should have ordered more of it! Love the mini custard bao which needs exactly 2mins in the boiling steamboat to cook/ heat it.

    Their choice of cooked food though little, but they are of good quality too imo. Love the lemongrass chicken, fried chicken wing, sotong you tiao and cucumbers!

    The service staff were helpful too. When the table couldn't put that huge number of plates we ordered, they helped us "throw" all the food into our steamboats too.

    And do you know who owns this place? Its Terrence Cao the TCS actor.

    Nice place for gatherings and hungry souls.

    *No photos caused everyone was hungry and too lazy to take out our cameras! LOL!

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. Lucardia
       26 Dec 2008 at 2:38 pm

      For this years Christmas Eve celebration, i managed to go out with a couple of friends who has been asking forever to have an outing. And i'm glad i went for it. First of all, thanks to all the people who came that night, it was great fun and lets do it again soon.

      So it was that this restaurant was decided upon for the gathering. I was skeptical at first but these were quickly dispelled when i had my first bite. The restaurant itself was located right next to Tao's to the left. There's another steamboat place on the right called Ju Ju Steamboat restaurant so make sure you don't get confused.

      The meal we had was the buffet menu at 27 .

      The selection is decent to say the least, there's the usual cooked food menu and the non cooked food menu and a variety of soup bases to choose. Our choice were the winter melon and the herbal chicken soup base. Both were pretty good but the winter melon tasted much better. The herbal chicken soup was rather bland tasting.

      The selection of items included the usual prawns, chicken, beef, pork, eggs and veg.

      The beef is of paticular mention since it tastes really fresh and good. If not for the buzzing flies, the beef was something to really eat much off.

      The interesting items were the char siew pau, custard buns and the har gao(shrimp dumplings), which required you to boil them before eating. The pork dumplings were interesting as its the first time i had BBQ pork dumplings that need to be boiled. Even more surprising is that it actually tastes pretty good. Along with the custurd bun and the shrimp dumplings as well.

      The chili cockles are worth a mention too. Spicy and sweet. One can easily eat this whole bowl straight off.

      Overall, i'd say the meal was rather good in general. Service can be slow when the crowd sets in and the plates can really pile up quite quickly. However, the quantity of items served and the hit items make up for it.

      And when good company is around, food just tastes better. Cheers and happy new year people.

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      Rating given:4 stars
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