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695B East Coast Road
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Telephone: (65) 6448-2003
Restaurants » Indian, Chinese
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  1. Muffy
     30 Jan 2015 at 2:38 pm
       Indian Wok - Restaurants   Indian Wok - Restaurants   Indian Wok - Restaurants   Indian Wok - Restaurants   Indian Wok - Restaurants

    Their restaurant was featured in local newspapers and magazines. What we noticed is that it serves Indian-Chinese cuisine, somehow like fusion food. We were curious to find out how a typical Indian outlet can cook our Chinese food which can be sweet, sour, salty or bitter.

    When we walked into the restaurant, we noticed that it was only half-filled with diners. Happily we thought we do not have to wait but then, the staff told us that they are fully booked. He ushered us out to the only table at the outdoor courtyard which looked more like a parking lot.

    As we sat under dimly lighted table, we were quite impressed by their menu as almost all of the items are Chinese oriented dishes. Their prices were printed so small below each dish that we did not notice initially.

    Stir Fried Baby Kailan ( $14.00 ) – A bit expensive for vegetables. Unfortunately, the texture was not crunchy and we have a hard time chewing them. Guess the chef may have overcooked this dish.

    Cantonese Prawns With Garlic Sauce ( $22.00 ) – This is one of the best considering the prawns were big and succulent. We could taste the sweetness of each prawn. The garlic gravy also goes well with the rice.

    Five Spiced Chicken ( $14.00 ) – Stir fried boneless chicken pieces which was marinated with five spices. Surprisingly, the meat was soft with mild spice aroma. Good skill.

    Loong Foong Soup or better known as Dragon & Phoenix Soup ( $9.00 ) – A refreshing creamy broth consisting of bits of vegetables, minced prawns, whisked eggs and diced tofu.

    Szechuan Fried Rice ( $14.00 ) – Instead of usual fried rice, we ordered this interesting dish which was fried in Szechuan sauce. It was not as spicy as we thought. Generous amount of diced chicken, eggs and vegetables seem to over-ride the rice.

    Overall, we were quite satisfied with the food and service. The staff was helpful to introduce their popular dishes and kept reminding us that they also served vegetarian dishes. The only setback is lack of car park lots.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. yummy
       21 Aug 2007 at 11:28 pm

      When I walked in to this restaurant,I was expecting some Indian customers and the unique Indian ambience. supprisingly, I see no Indian except for one waitress and one supervisor. The interior design is simple but nice and cosy. The best is they do not serve Indian food. The waiter who attended to us is a Chinese. After seated, we were given a menu. Unlike other restaurant, the price for the dishes are not clearly stated with the dollar sign. It is just a small number printed below each dish and you have to guess what it actually means. To be certain, I checked with the waiter and confirmed that it is the price for the food.

      This restaurant was featured on TV for its Crab Claws. We wanted chilli crab, but they serve only claws. According to the supervisor, you may book in advance if you want the entire crab. $15 for 4 claws. A little on the high side because the claws were relatively small. However, they are quite delicious.

      The Jade chicken soup ( $8 for one person ) is tasty too. It is actually similar to normal chicken soup but green in colour like Jade. It is nicer than the Seafood clear soup which my friend had ordered. The steam fish with lemon is quite special. It is fresh, a little sweet and sour and it is definitely worth trying except that the fish is too small ( $28 ). The most famous drink Mango Lassi ( $7 ) is very well accepted here. It is Mango mixed with Yogart. I can see most table ordered this juice.

      On the whole, I find this Chinese restaurant by Indian is unique and worth recommending. I will come back again to try out other dishes.

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      Rating given:4 stars
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