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Tampines Mall
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Telephone: (65) 65-6788 7777
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Photos of Isetan (Tampines) - ShoppingPhotos of Isetan (Tampines) - Shopping

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  1. sugar
     26 Mar 2011 at 11:06 am

    The nerve of that manager. Both the sales and her should get fired. Its their job to be friendly and approachable to every deserving customers. I've had bad cs there too just because i looked really young and dressed down. There are people walking in and out trying the samples but i couldn't fathom why the other "free" staffs are just lingering around "completely oblivious" to me being in the shop for a mere 20 minutes. I was busy swatching around and expecting them to at least offer a basket or some help. But no... it seems i was invisible. For their information, customers like me do their homework by going online so that we know what products we would want to purchase. I was putting high hopes as there is finally a MAC counter in the east. But im left with bad cs and didnt purchase anything at all. sigh..

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    1. Nicnic
       19 Sep 2008 at 9:25 pm
         Isetan (Tampines) - Shopping   Isetan (Tampines) - Shopping

      had a very bad experience at isetan tampines, even with their manager!

      my friend and i dressed very casually and went to this reputable brand cosmetic counter waiting to be served by the salesgirl who was attending to someone else.

      we waited for about 20mins when the salesgirl escort the customer to the cashier. finally when we thought it was our turn, the salesgirl came back to the counter, sat down and started doing her own things.

      we were like 'hello???' and finally got her attention. i wondered if we were invisible for the past 30mins. she gave us a very 'tsk!' look and came over. and when we asked questions about the products, she wasnt promoting but was actually giving one or two words answers.

      my friend was totally pissed and asked for the manager, which didnt seem to affect the salesgirl at all. we were then told to wait 'as the manager was out for lunch'.

      we asked if there are other people whom we can talked to and after the salesgirl made the phonecall, she said no.

      we went back about an hour later and FINALLY got a chance to speak to the manager who also gave us a fed up look. a young lady she was.

      when we told her about the bad service the salesgirl was giving us, she just went 'ok' 'ok' 'ok' without apologising or give other response. furthermore, when we spoke to her, it was obvious her mind was not with us as she kept looking around.

      my friend flared up and asked if she even care about the customer services provided under her care. and guess what? she flared up too! she raise her volumn and told us, 'our girl was just too busy serving her customers and most probably neglected you without knowing. its a really a small matter to not have noticed you since we have so many customers. ill ask her to apologise to you if that helps. i am really busy you know?' my friend got even more angry and in the end the manager said 'sorry mdm, if you're here to create trouble, ill have to ask the security to get you out of here'

      speechless we were. now i know why the salesgirl didnt care, just because her manager didnt care too. didnt see us? we were standing there for almost 30mins right in front of the counter. is it because we were dressed in t-shirt n slippers that we deserve another kind of treatment? we're intending to shop and deserve certain respect. not being told by the manager what a busy woman she is. imagine a manager shouting at customers? its the first time i encounter this. and requesting for good services got us warning to be thrown out of the place? never am i going to step into the store anymore. its not as if i have no money to pay.

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