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1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City,
Suntec Singapore, Level One
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6825-2062.
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional), Taiwanese , Buffet
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Joaquim is a casual, lively restaurant, featuring the popular porridge buffet for lunch and steamboat buffet during dinnertime. Offering an extensive spread of local porridge accompaniments, delight in the homemade flavours of chef’s specialties cooked to perfection. An array of fresh seafood is available for steamboat buffet at dinnertime.

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  1. Jeslyn Tee
     20 Mar 2009 at 8:22 pm
       Joaquim - Restaurants   Joaquim - Restaurants   Joaquim - Restaurants   Joaquim - Restaurants

    Like Trumpat, we went there for the first time because a colleague wanted to eat the mango pudding. ;D Went there 2 more times after.

    At $26 per person, the place require additional charge for drinks other than cold water (and the water dispenser was like hidden in one corner). 3 kinds of soup base to choose from alternating between Winter Melon, Laksa (very sweet), Herbal Chicken (a bit too bitter) and pork base (this is the best I feel). (Refillable of the same kind, $3 for additional pot of soup)

    Variety of raw food for cooking and cooked food to choose from. Raw food kinds are quite fresh though there's variety, its not reall~~~y wide. Haven't really tried the cooked food cept for the Po Piah which tasted quite good but need thinner skin and more garlic.

    Service was ok, empty plates cleared quite fast and the "aunties" are very friendly too.

    However, the desserts are not as good comparative to the food stuffs. Most probably because I only ate the western desserts which will taste nice if they are cold (but left out in the open, they are not cold). So we had room temperature Choc Eclaire etc. However the mango pudding is a MUST try. The taste of Mango thick but not too sweet. Texture great, elastic, not too watery. (Best!)

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    1. TrumPat
       13 Dec 2007 at 11:45 pm
         Joaquim - Restaurants

      Just for the mango pudding, my friend wanted to have our dinner here. Haha...funny, right? I'll kept the review of the mango pudding to the last part.

      I shall start off with the steamboat. Just the 2 of us & so we picked the sichuan spicy soup and the herbal chicken soup. Interesting, the steamboat was served in individual small pots instead of the big steamboat pot one usually sees. The have both cooked and raw food. The cooked food includes local delights such as popiah and rojak as well as others like teppanyaki, roasted chicken, pork rib, sausages. As for the raw food, the spread was surprisingly little. Not alot of variety, it's mainly meat like fish (dory & seabass), pork slice, chicken & beef slice. Seafood wise there's only prawns & crabs. Vegetables not alot too. Others are the typical meatballs you'll find at other steamboat places.

      Although the food variety was disappointing, I have to say that the soups were good, especially the herbal chicken soup. Very often, I could smell the soup as I walk pass Suntec Convention Centre. Haha...

      The mango pudding was highly recommended by my friend and it turned out to be really good. Its texture, sweetness. Just perfect! They have small fruit tarts, fruits & even DIY ice kacang in the dessert section. I think I'm more into their dessert huh? Haha...

      For the price of $25.80/pax, I think it would be more reasonable for them to serve better drinks than just ice water. But i suppose their location & good service (they were really quite at clearing our used plates!) are the reason why they are charging so much.

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      Rating given:3 stars
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      1. Nemesis
         08 Oct 2007 at 11:22 am

        Had tried this place a couple of times before and ytd I went there again for my dinner before going for the Kumar show at the Esplanade.

        Had noticed that they had now combined the once famous roti prata seats with that of the steamboat buffet. So I guess the roti prata outlet is now defunct. Likely due to the new Food Republic opening just at the other end of the same location at the Convention Centre.

        Over there, each person has their own mini steamboat instead of the conventional one big pot of soup for everyone. They have 3 soup bases, namely tom yam, spicy herbs and chicken with herbs to choose from. And normally, I go for the tom yam and chicken with herbs.

        Anyway, I think that the food variety there is just so so. Nthg very fantastic, except that perhaps they offer chicken rice, rojak and some fried vegetables and deserts and ice-cream, which you may not get at those normal 重庆火锅 stalls. Other than that, everything else would be the same and also this place does not come with unlimited free drinks. They only offer plain iced water. So you have to pay for the can drinks and such, which will add on to your bill.

        I had tried once their taiwanese porridge buffet and the varityof food was quite similar to that of the steamboat buffet,except that all the food were already cooked.haha..

        Overall, I would say that the food is okie but the pricing is a bit high thou. The pricing for the steamboat is set at $25.80 for adults. Cant really remember the prices for kids as I nvr had brot kids there to eat.haha. You can also call up to chk out the prices.

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        Rating given:3 stars
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