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The Riverwalk #B1-46/47/48
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Telephone: 6534 3435
Restaurants » Seafood

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  1. missyong
     15 Oct 2007 at 12:13 pm

    My first Review... Pardon me..

    It was also my first time dining at Jumbo Seafood. The outlet I went to was at East Coast Parkway.

    It was around 10pm when we(4 people) reached the place on a Friday. Though it was 10pm, the place was still very crowded. Nonetheless, the service stuff managed to find a table for us, facing the sea.

    She swiftly took down our orders using a PDA.. What we ordered were merely to satisfying our craving for crabs.. 1 pepper crab, 1 chilli crab and 1 steamed crab. We also ordered some side dishes like seafood mee, seafood roll and 3 young coconut drinks.

    The service was quite fast.. Within 10 minutes of odering, our first 2 dishes arrived one after another. The seafood mee and the seafood rolls... The seafood mee was not that tantalizling.. The mee was cold but the gravy was siping hot.. The seafood roll was better... Crunchy and piping hot from the wok...

    After 15 minutes of ordering, our crabs came. First, the steamed crab, then the chilli crab and lastly the black pepper crab. I like the fact that they gave us a personal tool to crack the crab shell and another long small fork-like tool to dig the meat out.. However there was no use for these 2 tools as the shells are nicely cracked...

    This is the first time I can enjoy eating the crab meat without using too much finger strength...

    Chilli crabs might be a bit too spicy for those who can't eat spicy food... For me, I just drink the gravy as if it were soup.. Quite nice, I should say...

    For the steamed crab, it's a bit bland... But you get to taste the original flavour of the crabs.. For the black pepper crabs, it's just nice.. Not too spicy...

    About the refreshing coconut drinks, it's relatively tough to open the husk. Although they have made an opening, it's difficult to pry the cover... And some coconut juice is wasted in the process.

    The price we paid is about $133 for 4 persons, inclusive of teas and the aboe mentioned.

    Try it if you have the sudden urge for crabs and do not want to wait too long for your crabs..

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. claud
      claud said:
      Thanks to your review, I'm now craving for crabs! LOL! Welcome to Yebber Miss Yong! :)
      15 Oct 2007 at 12:18 pm
    2. missyong
      missyong said:
      Errr.. I am MissyOng.. My surname is Ong.. Cheers.
      15 Oct 2007 at 12:38 pm
    3. claud
      claud said:
      ops! hee... paisay. Got its missy ong. :)
      15 Oct 2007 at 12:49 pm
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  2. Nemesis
     07 Oct 2007 at 2:53 am

    just went to this restaurant to celebrate my dad's birthdae. When we gt there, the place was already crowded, but luckily, I had made a reservation. Else, I guess I would have to wait for some time.

    So after we settled down, we decided to order the dishes. They were Cereal Prawns, Tofu in a claypot mixed with seafood, Duck, Deep fried Soon Hock, Scallops fried with Yam and Hong Kong Style Noodles. Writing this review makes me hungry again!!!! Bring me the food!! Haha...(",)

    The 1st dish was promptly served within 10-15 minutes and the delivery of the remaining dishes also were quite swift. I was quite amazed as given the crowd there then, I would have expected the service to be a bit slow.

    Coming to the food, the taste was quite good. The prawns were fresh and the cereal was nice as well. The claypot tofu was smooth and the gravy thick and yummy. The deep fried Soon Hock was fresh and nt very oily. As for the duck, it was presented in two styles : Bejing Style,which was wrapping the crispy skin with the egg wrap and slices of the meat stir fried.

    Though Jumbo is famous for its crabs, I did not order that as my family members ain't really fans of crabs. But still, i must say that the food was really good though the price may be slightly high. ( the bill was slightly over $200)

    So if you do not mind the price and like to try this restaurant out, I would recommend you go on a weekday or make a reservation prior to going on a weekend.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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