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1 Jelebu Road
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Telephone: (65) 6764-1555
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The shop with bo-chap staffs that sell VCDs, DVDs..

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  1. PuNiaoPuNiao
     18 Jun 2008 at 11:01 pm

    For starters, I never bought a single item from this shop. Want to know the reason why? The staff(s) are really bo-chap and whenever I have some movie enquiries, they give me half hearted answers and expect me to be satisfied with whatever they say. Recently, I went over to see if they are still selling Bleach VCD Season 1, mind you I don't mind if they have the ODEX version or whether it was released by any other companies whatsoever. Anyway, they don't have it and whatever they have, it's for rental only. So I enquired at the cashier counter if they sell Anime VCDs instead of renting it out and they simply replied "No!". They didn't even recommend me to try their other branches or whatsoever and simply proceed to serve another customer.

    Then prior to this incident, about last year, I heard that they might be bringing in the Special Edition of FFVII: Advent Children and enquired once again if they have stocks for it. Once again, the answer was just simply "No!" and they didn't even bother to explain why they don't have stocks. Is it because they were sold out fast or stocks haven't arrived yet, I am not sure. And right after telling me "No!", the girl who answered my enquiry simply went back to doing her work while I was standing in front of the cashier counter looking like an idiot for a full 5 minutes while still anticipating that maye she was checking to see if stocks were available. Basically, whatever I needed or wanted to buy, they don't have to stocks for it and they simply don't bother to find out more from me at all.

    It is a rather disappointing experience again and again with their bo-chap-ness. Now, I simply went in to see if stocks for any movies that I wanted (new titles) are in before I make my way to TS Group that is currently located on the 3rd level which is right beside Streets Café Restaurant.

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