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River Valley Road
Blk C The Cannery #01-(02)-(07)/ #02-(01)-(08)
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6333-4168
Nightlife » Bars & Pubs, Dance Clubs

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    » 1 Review for “Ministry Of Sound (MOS) ” - Nightlife

  1. Pharque
     15 Jun 2008 at 10:14 pm

    NOTICE!!!!! MOS IS CLOSED. REFER TO REVIEW OF ZIRCA ___________________________________________

    Hmm, Funny, no one reviewed MOS!

    Alright. I am going to give 2 perspectives on this review. Both on same day different date, almost same event, same amount of crowd.

    General Comment:

    Personally I hold due respect for MOS as the birthplace of one of my favourite genres of music: TRANCE (not MOS SG though). To my dismay, MOS Sg's crowd is a R&B, HipHop loving crowd and I was sad to see the crowd literally overcrowding at that area. Seriously they could do better playing those MOS exclusive tracks and start taking Trance seriously and not just to be another corporate sell-out again. This is MOS for heaven's sake. The TRANCE place right? not Hiphop place...argh.

    1. As a normal young adult clubber:

    My Dressing: Standard Female Clubbing attire.

    -Queue is bloody long, waiting time is horrible. -Door b**** is also very rude (pardon my word use, i don't know the other term). -Gives a makes-you-very-pissed face when checking your ID. -Payment bloody long. -Terrible congestion at the entrance. -Coupon/ticket oso can give wrong amounts (I paid for 3pax she gave me 2 pax) -Place is overcrowded and I don't know why they still allow entry. -Baggage counter FULL, and the baggage girl gave a sickening stare and yelled "FULL YOU DONO HOW TO READ ISIT?" -Dancefloor was like a metal concert with jumping space only. -Tons of people trying to touch/dance with you even after you say no to that same person/group. -Straight faced bouncers giving you a GL face as if your forehead says "I AM NOT A VIP SO WHAT?" at the VIP section. -Toilet bloody dirty and smelly, no toilet paper, omfg. -Coupon to drink exchange experience, TOOK FOREVER and damn it bartenders!

    2. VIP and Cannery Card member

    My Dressing: V neck cleavage tee, Lee Jeans, Birkinstock SLIPPERS, no makeup. Slacker wear.

    -at the VIP short or sometimes no queue, fast and efficent entry. -minus payment cos I am VIP/member. -Dancefloor as many people. -Same old lame thick skin gang of people. -Very charismatic bouncers at the VIP/members area opening up the area for you as if you have the word "VIP/member" on your forehead. They even chat with you lol. - Purchasing/ordering a drink at VIP/members area: Charismatic bartenders attentively asking what you need and what is not available politely. Efficient cashiers even remembers to give me a discount. - Area in VIP/members area small, cosy but still have some space for random dancing. -Same toilet.

    Seriously I don't know what to say about the double standards. Maybe trying to make their membership worthwhile? And I also don't know how to rate this place.

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    Rating given:4 stars
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