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391 Orchard Road
#B2-32 Ngee Ann City
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6737-9906
Restaurants » Fast Food

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    » 2 Reviews for “Mos Burger (Takashimaya) ” - Restaurants

  1. catherinetgk
     07 Jan 2009 at 9:21 pm

    I often come here when I shop at Taka. The staff are mostly very bubbly, which brightens the mood. And the service is really quick and all the staff are well-mannered. It may not be a restaurant in a 5-star hotel, but the simple things in life count too :)

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    1. PuNiaoPuNiao
       05 Mar 2008 at 8:26 pm

      I had 2 lousy separate experiences at Mos Burger Taka and I urge readers to read my review to decide for yourself. The first involved this crew I had unluckily been served by. I placed my order and requested for less ice for my drink. And when the crew returned with my order, I noticed that my cup of coke was not filled to the brim. So I asked the crew why is this so and he replied smugly: "You say doe wan so much ice, so coke like that lor!" I was instantly taken aback, as he could have informed me that he was unable to top the drinks to the brim due to the less ice request. Not only wasn't there an apology, the crew gave me a "Take it or leave it!" expression. Not one to be bullied, I demanded my money back and told him he can keep his unfilled cup of coke for himself to drink.

      The second incident involved a manager whom I was also unluckily served by. Initially, everything went well, I placed my order, he took my order, accept payment. But when it was time to gave me a number tag to wait, he didn't. I told him nicely that I don't have a number tag as he didn't give me one. In return and without listening to a word I said, he raised his voice at me and said: "Please hold on to your number tag and wait to be called once your order is ready!" Not to be outdone by his behaviour, I raised my voice at him and replied: "I wouldn't mind waiting, but you haven't even gave me a number tag when you raised your voice at me, a customer of this store!!" Embarassed, the manager just simply grabbed a number tag and swinged it across the counter towards me and walked off into the kitchen, most probably bitching about how "rude" I was. After an eternity of waiting (which I suppose must have been done on purpose as customers who came later than me actually got their food ealier than me instead.), my order was done and I simply paid him back for his service by swinging his number tag across the counter towards him and promptly replied: "Thanks for the lousy service you provided!"

      And to be honest, a lot of customers were already curious as to why is there a shouting match at the cashier counter while they were enjoying their meal served rudely and lousily to them. At least, the Mos Burger at Bukit Panjang Plaza is a little better..

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      1. Bobo
        Bobo said:
        OH no... so suay...
        05 Mar 2008 at 8:43 pm
      2. claud
        claud said:
        Even managers behave like that! Where's the service man? I would have done the same too!
        06 Mar 2008 at 11:02 am
      3. PuNiaoPuNiao
        PuNiaoPuNiao said:
        at least the polite and apologetic staff saved the day, if not, i would have really shoot off a complaint letter. Now, i don't even step into coffee bean anymore...
        06 Mar 2008 at 11:40 pm
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