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80 Mandai Lake Road
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Telephone: (65) 6269-3411
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Photos of Night Safari - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Night Safari - Hotels &Travels

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  1. Nemesis
     17 Oct 2007 at 11:13 pm

    have been to the night safari a couple of times before. To me, the experiences were quite good. Over there, you can see the nocturnal animals coming out,actually it can be quite a challenge to see them moving around. This is manily attributed to the fact that the entire surroundings are very dim in order not to let the animals be disturbed by the lightings.

    For the more adventurous ones, they can take a slow walk and venture around to take a look at the various animals. As for those who have kids or are the lazy type, you can also take the tram ride and enjoy the guide doing the explaining during each stop. For me, i have taken both approaches before and I like to do the trekkng one more. BUt do take note that it can get quite stuffy and I did perspire quite a fair bit.

    In addition, there is also a perfomance by the "stars" of the night safari. It was a nice and enjoyable show which both kids and adults will enjoy. As the show times are quite limited, it is recommended that you go for the show before you go for your walk or tram ride.

    So do go there for a visit one of these days and enjoy a nice evening at the night safari.

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    1. superchewy
       16 Oct 2007 at 1:58 pm

      I've been to the night safari only once when i was like in Primary 6.It's like ages ago.I found it quite exciting and scary at the same time.Cos at night it's not like you're visiting the zoo in the daytime where there's light. You are practically cruising around the zoo in the tram and all you do is sit.Actually with all the darkness and stuffs i'm not even sure whether those animals actually have come into close contact with us.I enjoy it. I've been there like ages ago so i'm not very sure if there's any changes but i sure do want to go there in the near future when i at least have my own means of transport. I suggest those people with night blindness to go cos for me the whole night was sort of in pitch darkness.It was enjoyable though.A good tourist attraction and experience for all walks of life.

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. zihui
         02 Jul 2007 at 12:33 am

        I was just at the night safari on Thursday. I was quite excited to go there, as it was my first time and I’ve waited really long for the day. However, I was quite turned off by the long bus ride to the safari from Ang Mo Kio Interchange which was so packed. It was made worse as it was the after-work hour where traffic was heavier and there were more people on the bus. But you can’t help it since the safari opens only at 6, so people normally make their way there during the peak hour.

        After arriving, I walked in to the safari to purchase my tickets and get ready to go around the place. One thing I thought wasn’t too good about the place was the fact that it was hard to get around on your own. There weren’t clear signs of where to go to buy your tickets the moment you stepped in (though, of course, when you see the queues at counters you’ll definitely go there. But they have an information counter or something, where there are quite a number of people. And so, initially, I almost mistook that for the counter.

        At night safari, tram rides have one optional stop at the east lodge house before it reaches the final destination. One thing I feel that the safari could do to improve on the situation is to have either empty trams approaching the east lodge house to pick passengers up, or to have partially empty trams once every few trams. This suggestion is due to the fact that there are many passengers queuing to get on the tram, but each time, there are very few who get off the tram, thus not many people can board the tram from east lodge.

        Apart from these, I feel that the night safari would be a good place to go as it allows us to see the animals in a different “ambience”. In addition, the staffs working there are really friendly and seem very enthusiastic despite it being the night, and it kind of makes it better after a long day, and some people may feel tired already. Also, I think the Creature of the Night show would definitely be worth your time.

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        Rating given:4 stars
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