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8 Raffles Avenue
#01-14/16 The Esplanade
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6336-9959
Restaurants » Seafood
Photos of No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - RestaurantsPhotos of No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - RestaurantsPhotos of No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - RestaurantsPhotos of No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - RestaurantsPhotos of No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - Restaurants

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  1. asg14
     29 Nov 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Sent a feedback to management. Was brushed off.

    > > I have been a regular patron of your Geylang outlet and I > have had many > happy birthday experiences there. > > Tonight, I had to entertain my wife's overseas friend > and we decided to eat > at the Esplanade outlet. We > ordered beers, tea, cereal prawns, sweet & sour pork > ribs, vegetables and of > course the famous white pepper crab. > > We ordered a small one from Sri Lanka. After the meal, I > was surprised to > find that the crab cost $53!!!! I have eaten at other > seafood restaurants > and the cost is only $30-$35. I find the price ridiculous. > When I spoke to > your manager he said, "yes, that's correct, that > is the cheapest price and > the medium crab will cost $70" and gave me a look that > said "haven't you > been eating out much". I didn't know whether to > laugh or to feel angry. > > $70 for a medium Sri Lankan crab!!! Obviously, he > hasn't been to the market > much. > > Can you verify if that is the correct price? > > If the cheapest crab at No Signboard is $53, I have half a > mind to introduce > them to Jumbo seafood that offers a more reasonable price > and has a > wonderful 15% DISCOUNT if you use your credit card. In > addition, I will be > informing my other webbies about my experience on >, sgforums, > sgclub,, etc > > I also asked about promotions especially for credit cards. > None. It's the > recession, please do some promotions and help us out. > > Other feedback are: > > a) please let the servers know to not forget about > customers drink orders > (my beer was not served) > b) stop clearing the plates every 5 min, as customers just > need a little > time to finish. Constant questions by the servers on > whether you have finish > is just annoying when we are trying to have a nice > discussion > c) close the door when the free band performance is > happening, or it is not > different than having a meal at a hawker centre. Too noisy. > > Disappointing experience,

    Poor value

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    1. Lucardia
       31 Mar 2009 at 11:35 pm
         No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - Restaurants   No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - Restaurants   No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - Restaurants   No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - Restaurants   No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - Restaurants

      Another belated post but no fear, this is still very much relevant. No Signboard Seafood is one of those hawker fairy tales with a humble beginning that slowly built their empire from nothing. Beginning as an honest-to-goodness Zhi Ca stall serving good tasting Chili Crab and using white pepper as the unique selling point of their crabs to a big name restaurant that still attracts hundreds of patrons daily. This is a coffee shop fairy indigenous to Singapore and a much sought after dream of many.

      No Signboard Appetiser Platter - Overall, the platter was rather decent but nothing too flashy. Honestly, i've pretty much forgotten a majority of the items i've tried here. So the conclusion is that it was average.

      Shark's fin Soup With Crabmeat - The shark's fin came across as rather starchy and sticky but had generous chunks of crab meat within. It also came across as being too salty for some, nothing vinegar and pepper could not salvage though.

      Chicken with Pork Floss - I actually took to this quite well. It was served hot and crispy with sprinklings of pork floss on top. The floss added sweetness and fragrance to the juicy chicken meat. Not too bad IMHO.

      Steamed Garoupa HK style - The fish was overcooked. Short and simple. The meat was obviously too tough due to over steaming. Otherwise, you can't go wrong with this form of cooking.

      Broccoli with mushrooms - The mushrooms and broccoli were both really nice and soft.......I think thats about all i can say about this dish. Next!

      Yam Ring With Spicy Fillings - This one is rather tough to judge, simply because some liked the spicy fillings which consisted of squid, prawns, fish and lots of balachan chili. While others felt it was too weird for their liking. I belong to the latter, i like my yam ring traditional and with the usual items. Especially cashew nuts, which there was none here.

      White Pepper Crab - Now this is more like it. The reason why No Signboard made its mark, good old fashioned white pepper crab with big juicy Sri Lankan Crabs. True to form, i thoroughly enjoyed this dish because its equal parts spicy, equal parts sweet and 100% fragrant. If there's a reason to go to No Signboard, its this dish. (Note: I've heard that the original Geylang branch is even better at this dish. So maybe you can try there.)

      Cereal Prawn - This was decent. The cereal was sweet and fragrant but the prawns were hit or miss. Some were fresh and some simply weren't. Take your own chances.

      Fried rice - Quite fragrant but nothing else worth mentioning on this one.

      Longan and Almond - I'm guessing canned dessert but please correct me if i'm wrong on this. Nothing too special about this dish either.

      Overall Score: 4/10 for everything else (7/10 for crab only)

      Last word: Service in the restaurant was alright but there was this impression that they didn't quite like our group there. Food was below average for most and honestly, i can name quite a few Zhi Ca areas with better food then here. I didn't see the bill for this meal but i'm betting on it hitting at least $1000 because it was a set meal plus some ala carte orders for a group of above 10 people. For the unflattering score, its because we expected more from such a famous establishment and it simply wasn't met apart from the crab. Special thanks to Steward who gave us such a big feast and was so generous and kind to us throughout years. Sure, the review isn't good for the restaurant but we still had a good time. Cheers and i'm sure there's a better year for all this 2009!

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      1. jessthia
         03 Oct 2008 at 3:42 am
           No Signboard Seafood (Esplanade) - Restaurants

        This outlet located at the heart of Business District, classy renovation, and by the sea side, has got good ambience for business seafood meal, also suitable for foreigners / friends / colleagues / staff / family gatherings or birthday celebrations.

        Its generously presentable Seafood and Chinese food dishes is always safe for meal functions.

        I like its White Pepper Crab (1Kg and above to good size claws meat) and yummy Crab roe.

        Its Singapore Chilly Crab is also nice with generous egg in the sauce, good dip for its Man-Tou (white bun).

        A lot of my female friends like its Cereal Butter Prawns with edible fried mint leaves. The Prawns are fresh and good size. We always snatch its crispy sweet cereal fried egg floss, which goes well with white rice.

        Looking forward to go back to eat again, can order more dishes when go in a group.

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        Rating given:4 stars
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