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#B1-012 Fountain Terrace
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Telephone: (65) 6338-3526
Restaurants » American, Desserts , Deli & Cafe
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  1. WishBoNe
     14 Dec 2008 at 12:42 pm
       NYDC (Suntec City) - Restaurants   NYDC (Suntec City) - Restaurants   NYDC (Suntec City) - Restaurants   NYDC (Suntec City) - Restaurants

    I decided to have a late lunch there and ordered Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Fresh Garden Salad. One thing about NYDC is that it tries to be vegetarian friendly.

    The food arrived quite timely and I was able to enjoy the salad and the spaghetti. Since it's supposed to taste slightly more plain than other food, I felt that it was not that bad considering having eaten the salad with Honey Mustard and eating the spaghetti after that.

    I'm not quite sure of the serving portion for my order was enough since some might want to have desserts after that.

    The service crew were polite and would find out the answers to the queries if they didn't know the answers. Even when they were busy during the peak hours, they would try their best to serve the customers in a timely manner.

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    Rating given:3 stars
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    1. mizhuzhu
       30 Apr 2008 at 11:15 pm

      went to this branch today to celebrate one of my friend's birthday... and also because another one of my friends suggested going there because he got this $5 NYDC voucher...

      too bad they don't have set dinners... but anyway... each of us ordered a main dish drink dessert... and an additional soup of the day (clam chowder) and appetizer (snug nip or something like that) for myself...

      my clam chowder is nice... not too thick... just the way i like it... but it gets a little too salty after some time... but still fine...

      the appetizer is baked-grilled-potato-skin mashed-potato cheese-on-top... very nice ~!!~~!~! first bite might be a little dry for some if you start from the side... but continue eating and you're find it a perfect blend between the potato and cheese and some sauce in between (or was that still cheese?)...

      my main dish was the "when 2 become 1" spaghetti... mushrooms and (chicken?) ham in cream sauce... at first there was not much sauce... but the waitress took it to the kitchen to fill in some more sauce almost immediately after i requested for it... and it tasted real good... unlike the one i had in

      the service crew is good... serves everyone with a smile... serves us water almost immefiately after we sat down... still smiles even after we (customers) denied something which we ordered (and caused some confusion for awhile) but found out that it was ours awhile later...

      and i totally~ agree with the first reviewer that the cookie monster mudpie is fabulous!! it's a must try!! it has chocolate chips and nuts with "MUDDY"FUDGE on top... best combination ever!! the "granny goes nuts..seriously!" is also recommended... though i don't know was it vanilla or some other flavoured ice-cream with lots of nuts in it...

      the drink on the contrary... was quite normal... not sure about the "lemon shiver" and the "king tut's fav" that my friends had... mine was supposed to be fruity but it turned out to be a choice of either raspberry or blackberry or peach syrup in soda?

      but the overall experience is good... and i think the price is quite resonable for so much food ($125 )...

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. Polarbear
         22 Oct 2007 at 3:15 pm
           NYDC (Suntec City) - Restaurants   NYDC (Suntec City) - Restaurants

        Long time had not eaten at NYDC so yesterday popped in to have a meal.

        Since I was in before 5pm, decided to go for their set lunch. Main course Coffee / Tea / Soft Drinks Soup of the day. It is only additional $5 on top of the main course's price. If you decided to have cake of the date, you jz need to pay additional $7.5 on top of the main course's price. Main course can be their salads, baked rice or pasta, or pizzas.

        So I order my fav Farmboy Salad! Be warned that the serving is big enough for a main course and plus it is healthy too. Haa... Tons of lettuce, almond flaks, cucumber, chicken shreds, and big pcs if toasted garlic bread. The combination together with Thousand Island (3 dressings to choose from) was heavenly! It is a must try!

        Their soup of the day was cream of mushroom. It was think and creamy with big slices of button mushroom in the soup. Good.

        Got myself an ice lemon tea. They brewed the tea then served with syrup. So you can do your own mix and match.

        Of course one BIG thing @ NYDC is to have their mudpie! I have tasted all of their mudpies and have to say that my fav is the cookie monster. Like the chucky cookies inside the ice cream with a think oreao crust base. Jz loved it. It is one of my happy food, food that will make me happy when I am feeling sad.

        The service there was on the spot and fast. Food was served fast and the waitress are pro when taking orders as well.

        Always enjoyed my meal there!

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        Rating given:4 stars
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