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1F, 80 Bras Basah Road, Raffles The Plaza
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Telephone: (65) 6431-6156
Restaurants » Italian
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    2. feizhu
       24 May 2010 at 9:22 pm
         Prego - Restaurants   Prego - Restaurants   Prego - Restaurants   Prego - Restaurants   Prego - Restaurants

      Was back once again at Prego in hope that things would be better after my disappointing last visit some months back. Actually cheapskate/greedy me was cajoled by the fact that I could order/stuff more for the price with 50% off.

      Spacious with high ceilings and huge windows that look out to the pedestrian walkway just outside, Prego doesn't strike you as an Italian restaurant in any way. And certainly not one which practices the fine dining concept.

      Bruschetta - A stunning piece of art, a most aesthetic presentation of this humble Italian dish in all its glory. Pity such stellar comments couldn't be extended to its taste. For one, the bread was way too toasted and hard, marring the whole should have been crispy on the crust yet soft on the inside experience. I couldn't detect any olive oil taste on the bread as well, which made this dish as good as eating dried croutons with diced tomatoes.

      Spaghetti alla Carbonara - A most common Italian dish, but to do it well takes quite a bit of skill. Prego's rendition was certainly not the best that I've tried but I dare say its probably one of the better ones. The pasta was al dente while the gravy wasn't too dense, going well with the very generous servings of bacon bits. Salty yet creamy, my personal favourite.

      Calzone Farcito - This is honestly the first time I've tried a folded pizza and frankly, it definitely will not be the last time. Gimmicks aside, it reminded me of a huge curry puff with loads of stuffing in it. The dough was nice and chewy while the stuffings guarantee more than a mouthful. Only gripe I have was that the dough was a tad too oily, as evident by the dabs of oil on the exterior. I still like it though!

      Crema Bruciata al Basilico, Composizione di Frutti di Bosco - Though the Creme Brulee didn't look the least bit appealing with its a little too charred sugar layer, it was quite good if I may say. The layer of sugar was thin and didn't stick to my teeth while the pudding was soft and quivery with a nice tinge of basil. Coupled with the contrastingly sour raspberry and hibiscus sherbet, it was really a pleasure to eat.

      The Tiramisu was 70% Mascarpone cheese and 30% sponge, resulting in a dessert that was as light as air. Adding to the delightful equation was the slight taste of kahlua, which I believe came from soaking the sponge fingers in the liquor. However, it did seem a tad watery at the bottom.

      Well $52 for 2 pax (after discount) is a steal for the quantity and quality of food. If this dinner is anything to go by, I'll definitely be back for more.

      See all my pictures here

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. The Hungry Bunny
         02 Mar 2010 at 10:16 pm

        Authentic Italian Canteen

        Prego's just revamped its menu on 22 February 2010. Only the pasta selection has changed a fair bit, the rest are about the same. Best of all, prices have mostly stayed the same. They probably changed the menu in accordance with the seasonal pickings.

        1) Minestrone di Verdure e Legumi ($15), rustic and hearty mixed vegetable tomato-based soup. Very good.

        2) Zuppa di Funghi con Bianca e Olio Tartufato ($15), cream of mushroom soup with truffle oil and bianca garnish. This was really good, creamy and rich and full of mushroomy-goodness 3) Risotto al Funghi Porcini e Bottoncini con Spinaci ($33), a traditional Italian rice dish with sauteed porcini and button mushrooms and spinach. This was lusciously creamy and incredibly delicate.

        4) Maccheroncelli all Amatriciana ($24), short tube pasta tossed with pancetta, onion, chili and tomato salsa. The pasta is made fresh in Prego's kitchens daily, which explains the evident freshness of the perfectly al dente pasta. I'm not a fan of tube pasta, but this was very yummy. Especially the sauce and pancetta.

        5) Porcini e Gamberi ($27), wood-fired thin-crust pizza topped with porcini mushrooms and prawns. I loved how light and crispy the pizza was. This is one pizza that you'll be guaranteed to finish the crust.

        Read more abt it at

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        1. His Food Blog
           28 Aug 2008 at 1:48 am
             Prego - Restaurants   Prego - Restaurants   Prego - Restaurants   Prego - Restaurants   Prego - Restaurants

          Took part in the recent Prego - Spaghetti & Meatball Eating Challenge. Nestled in Fairmont Hotel Singapore, Prego is a contemporary, chic restaurant that serves hearty authentic Italian fare. The restaurant is huge with high ceilings and easily seats more than a 100 pax - a place ideal for both business dining and large group gatherings.

          Although my plate of meatball spaghetti was gobbled down in a space of 4mins and 05secs, HFB was able to taste the very smooth pasta sauce and al dente pasta. The tomato based sauce didn't come across as too heavy - which HFB likes it a lot!

          Due to the eating challenge reasons, the meatballs were made slightly harder than usual, so HFB is not going to comment of the texture of the meatballs. But what I like is the "beefy" taste of the meatballs, yet not overwhelming. They charged $12nett for the competition and the actual retail price of the pasta is $25 .

          You can view the all photos and other reviews @ His Food Blog.

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          Rating given:3 stars
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          Comments on this review:
          1. feizhu
            feizhu said:
            This is definitely NOT a review of the place
            28 Aug 2008 at 12:05 pm
          2. Lucardia
            Lucardia said:
            lol. This is an attempt to catch a quick review but hey, i'm not complaining.
            29 Aug 2008 at 2:01 pm
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