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Liang Court, #02-22
Telephone: (65) 6337-8948
Restaurants » Italian
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Saizeriya (サイゼリヤ) is a Japanese chain of Italian family-style budget restaurants. It has over 750 chains in Japan alone and also have branches in major cities like Shanghai and Taipei.

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  1. wildkev
     23 Mar 2011 at 2:12 pm

    I went to City Square branch today with my colleagues and we ordered 8 set meals. In the end only 6 sets came and we keep reminded the staff on the shortage of 2 sets. We had spoke to 3 staff on this issue and each time they only say sorry but no action done. In the end after waited for 40 mins, we gave up as we saw alot of people who came later than us got their food served. We cancelled the 2 sets and went back to office empty stomach.

    My colleague ordered hamburger set and 1 set came without the egg and the other without the rice and there are few times when the staff came to serve the food to us inwhich we did not order at all. I strongly suggest the managment to send these staff for proper training before letting them serve the customer which will spoil the image of the resturant.

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    1. lia27
       18 Jul 2009 at 10:19 am

      I went to Saizeriya on a tuesday around 7pm, surprisingly stil not that many ppl.

      My fren & I were greeted by a smiling staff & immediately got a seat. The interiors were actually sparsely furnished if one compares it to other restaurants in Liang Court but it gives a very homely feeling.

      The menu is also limited, they have salad, pasta, baked pasta, hamburg steak & some dishes which I have've never heard before & forgotton the name.

      We ordered hamburg steak as it was the most valuable dish in the menu, it costs $7.89 or so only. We added their drink bar for $2.88.

      Their drink bar has lime juice, lemon barley, ice/packet milo, coffee, tea, soft drinks.

      When the steak arrives, it looked a little small for me but the taste was satisfactory. Their egg was small but cooked in a special way. The greens were sweetcorn & a little of broccoli which didnt taste that nice. The baked beans were normal. Overall, normal tasting but its still value for money.

      I didnt get to try their dessert, they have panna cotta, tiramisu & another 2/3 more.

      I do agree its a cheaper version of Pasta Mania. Its best to go in groups of 4 to try out a dish from each section.

      We paid about $12 per person for our meal. Recommended to go again. Currently there's an ongoing event where you get a $5 voucher if you spend above $20 I think. The voucher can only be used in F&B outlets though. Still worth it.

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      1. hburn10
         31 May 2009 at 8:47 pm
           Saizeriya - Restaurants   Saizeriya - Restaurants   Saizeriya - Restaurants   Saizeriya - Restaurants   Saizeriya - Restaurants

        Pasta Mania alternative :D

        The place looked decent enough for me to want to step into, although tucked away in a corner of Liang Court level 2. I would not have noticed it if not for the banner hanging from the roof of the mall.

        The place looks like a family-style italian diner dotted with with simple no-frills tables and chairs with old-school tablecloths. Service was very cheerful and smiley...way to go~

        But honestly, it was the prices that attracted me when I flipped through the menu. With pastas all below $8 and escargots for $5.58, I wanted to see if the quality can pass the mark too.

        Spaghetti Peperoncino ($5.68) - Surprisingly good. Al dente and tossed with just the right amount of chili and olive oil. Too many chili seeds though, I took a while to pick them out haha.

        Grilled chicken with cheese and tomato sauce ($7.18) - Served on hot plate; the presentation reminds me of Jack's Place, but the quality was much better thankfully. The piece of chicken was too small, but I guess justifiable for the price tag.

        Grilled spicy sausages ($5.68) - 5 small sausages served with a side of potato wedges. Being served on hot plate made the slightly spicy sausages less oily than usual and the wedges very crispy. I like~

        Drink bar ($2.58 / $3.88) - this is something I didn't try but it looks like a good deal for someone very thirsty. The free-flow bar consists of coffee / tea, soft drinks, and others like Olong tea and barley. You pay only $2.58 if you order as a set with your food; otherwise you pay $3.88 if you're parched but not hungry.

        Bill was $21 for 2 persons, which i found it to be not a bad deal, given that its a restaurant setting just less the frills. Good alternative for pasta mania and one the less pricey Italian choice in the vicinity.

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        Rating given:4 stars
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        Comments on this review:
        1. loisL
          loisL said:
          i was so looking for this restaurant after my trip to Japan last december.. the food in the menu looks yummie! :D
          04 Jun 2009 at 1:01 am
        2. hburn10
          hburn10 said:
          yes the menu is colourful and very grabbing!! Go!
          06 Jun 2009 at 11:30 pm
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