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Blk 53 Sims Place
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Telephone: (65) 6741-1607
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  1. thinkefy
     19 Dec 2013 at 3:15 pm

    I was tempted not to review on this clinic as I was still in the state of shock after I came out of the clinic. It was somewhat dilapidated, i mean you could deem it nostalgia but in another words... It is rather old and broken. The counter was one cladded in formerly white but now yellowish brown plastic laminates and you could see really old school medicine cabinate around. It is non-aircon with a few plastic seats and I couldn't imagine such a clinic could still survive. No antiseptic smell like we always expect in a medical facility and I could see flies around.

    The counter lady was in her twenties in t-shirt and shorts with I should say not much of manners, not to mention service. Simply hurling people around though not loud and rough but we could feel the annoyance in her voice. The other lady was slightly nicer, though warning me of 8 person before me. I looked around and only saw one guy sitted by the out of place chair waiting and wondered where is the other 7? I kindly asked if they could call when my turn was next as I would be nearby. "SORRY NO CALLING" is what I get being rebutted by the lady behind the counter as though what I asked was "OUT OF THE WORLD".

    So starring at the two charging mobile phones on the table.. I quietly sat down, wondering why I didn't cross over to the other clinic opposite which looked like a better place. Well! lets wait out and see... Shortly after the guy went in to see the doctor I was called to be next. The doctor's office was grim... The bed which patients lay on for examination was still the wooden kind with soggy cushions. The doctor was nice though. Did a thorough check and gave me ample advices. Caring and soft spoken, as compared to his cocky counter girls.

    I emerged from his office and waited for collection. My name was called and i was hurled at again with medications and instruction spoken so fast " I DON"T KNOW WHAT THE HELL SHE IS SAYING". So before i could ask, i was asked to pay... so the stuffs were quickly packed and I was about to go before i noticed... No receipt... So while I ask for a receipt... the lady just gave me an annoyed look. Hurled at me "PLEASE TAKE A SEAT, GIVE IT TO YOU LATER!" while waving me away with her non-chalent hand as though she doesn't speak to peasants. I felt I just paid to be humiliated by a t-shirt unprofessional girl who does admin at a dilapidated clinic and mind you.. the consultation and medication is not cheap.

    So i waited again.... for about 5 mins before my receipt was ready... and walked out vowing never to return.... and if i can help it... never to get sick.....

    Location: 1.5/5 Service: -5/5 Friendliness: -5/5 Price: 2/5 Cleanliness: 1/5 (Severely Sub Standed and unprofessional)

    Will i Come Back: Please KILL ME if I come again

    Will I intro my friends: ONLY TO THOSE WHO needs to be demeaned like a peasant, otherwise those who can hurl insults at the very YA YA PAPAYA counter girls.

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    1. Muffy
      Muffy said:
      Poor u...must have been very stressful...hope u recover soon...
      20 Dec 2013 at 12:00 pm
    2. thinkefy
      thinkefy said:
      Yar muffy, more pissed then stressful... I mean I've not been waved away like a laper for a long time... The lady really thought she is of royal blood :(
      20 Dec 2013 at 12:03 pm
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