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24 Sin Ming Road
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Telephone: (65) 6453-3893
Eating Places » Coffee Shops
Photos of Sin Ming Roti Prata (Aziz Curry) - Eating PlacesPhotos of Sin Ming Roti Prata (Aziz Curry) - Eating PlacesPhotos of Sin Ming Roti Prata (Aziz Curry) - Eating Places

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  1. Gidman
     07 Mar 2008 at 11:34 am
       Sin Ming Roti Prata (Aziz Curry) - Eating Places   Sin Ming Roti Prata (Aziz Curry) - Eating Places   Sin Ming Roti Prata (Aziz Curry) - Eating Places

    Hidden in the corner of a generally unknown area in Sin Ming Road, lies this small prata shop inside a coffeeshop. Been here umpteen times, but today I brought my girlfriend here for breakfast after my night shift. A short walk from the 'more famous' Prata House along Upper Thomson Road, this prata shop doesn't have much buses passing by so you have to probably alight at the Upper Thomson Road and take a short walk in.

    We had 'Kosong' prata ($0.70) and Egg Prata ($1.30) at the prata shop. The "kosong' prata was crispy/flaky on the outside. Unlike the ones at Prata House where it is very crispy, too crispy for my liking. This one is crispy to perfection. I love it. Also, this prata is about 1.5 times the size of the ones at Prata House. The Egg prata was good too. THe crispy/flaky texture of the prata was less evident on the Egg Prata though. Taste above average but not fantastic.

    We tasted both the chicken curry and fish curry. The fish curry came about a little too sour, and both curries were a little too spicy. If the curry was less spicy would have been perfect. My girlfriend mixed sugar with the curry to reduce the spicyness and it turned to be a good idea.

    In addition, I had eaten their nasi brani which they are famous for too. The Mutton Nasi Brani ($4) was perhaps the better one amongst the others. The mutton was very tender and the mutton curry sauce is very tasty. It went very well with the rice which was very fragrant. However, the first few mouthfuls was delightful but midway through, it became quite 'gelat'. There was only 'Achar' beside the mutton which came with the brani. Overall, good mutton and rice.

    Very good place to eat prata which they usually stop selling at about 2pm. Sadly, they do not operate 24 hours. Nasi Brani is only sold around lunch time, should be from 11am-330pm. So far, one of the best prata I have eaten.

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    1. vtay
      vtay said:
      i live just across the road! they've been there for ages! they're goooood (=
      07 Mar 2008 at 10:22 pm
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