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1 Jelebu Road
#03-05 to 07
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Telephone: (65) 6767-4745
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional), Deli & Cafe , Chinese

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  1. Great Sage
     26 Nov 2007 at 9:27 pm

    Yet another hong kong cafe outlet. Although they all hold the same image (as hong kong cafe), this cafe has its own uniqueness as compare to the rest of the cafe.

    Using two very contrasting colour (black and yellow) as their cafe two main colours, it does not give one a 'too much' kind of feel. Instead, they managed to blend these colours well to give it a pretty modern look.

    They have a rather wide varieites of food available and these is found in their two menus. The first menu consists of food - main course and snacks.

    For their rice varieties, they have fried Rice / Baked Rice / Nissin Noodles / Stone pot rice. As for noodles, it will definitely be their nissin noodles. They also serve western (Pork chop) and chinese (Dim Sum) cruisne. Last but not list, they also served toast - kaya, butter, peanut butter, etc.

    Their second menu consists of their home made specially made drinks. Besides the normal milk tea and coffee, they also served quite a number of colourful drinks. You can also asked for addtional serving of ice cream to be added to the drinks.

    One of my favourite food that i loved at this outlet, its definitely their pork chop bun. In the rest of the hong kong restuarant, they will serve this dish using the normal bread bun. However, in this outlet they served the pork chop bun using french bread. Rather unique right?

    I also like the way that they make the pork chop. Although they used the frying method to cook the pork chop, its does not feel oily at all and you will not find a thick flour coating the pork chop. Instead, covering the pork chop is a thin coating that tasted very crispy upon biting it.

    My next favourite food is their macau special fried rice. Beside the usual egg plus rice fried rice, this fried rice has a unique feature and that is...... tomato flavour. This fried rice boosts a slight tomato taste, this which i believe they have added in some tomatos while frying the rice. Due to the additional tomato, the rice become pale red colour, this i think it looks rather attractive and will definitely boost one's appetite.

    Overall, i think the food there is really worth trying. Trying reason will definitely be their extra effort used in preparing their food. Take for example, they came out with a tomato fried rice instead of just copying the normal fried rice.

    However, they have one rather werid rule that they hold in their shop and that is you will not get a free serve of plain water if you did not order any drinks from them. Perhaps this is the way to 'force' people to buy drinks from them. :(

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    1. yum-mi
      yum-mi said:
      is it expensive?
      28 Dec 2007 at 2:54 pm
    2. Great Sage
      Great Sage said:
      i tink its reasonable... take for example their baked rice costs around 7 -8 bucks...
      13 Jan 2008 at 9:20 pm
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