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#02-104/105, E!hub at Downtown East
Restaurants » Chinese (Traditional), Fusion
Photos of Streets Cafe (E!Hub, Downtown East) - RestaurantsPhotos of Streets Cafe (E!Hub, Downtown East) - RestaurantsPhotos of Streets Cafe (E!Hub, Downtown East) - RestaurantsPhotos of Streets Cafe (E!Hub, Downtown East) - RestaurantsPhotos of Streets Cafe (E!Hub, Downtown East) - Restaurants

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  1. egomarc
     01 Oct 2008 at 8:46 pm
       Streets Cafe (E!Hub, Downtown East) - Restaurants   Streets Cafe (E!Hub, Downtown East) - Restaurants   Streets Cafe (E!Hub, Downtown East) - Restaurants   Streets Cafe (E!Hub, Downtown East) - Restaurants   Streets Cafe (E!Hub, Downtown East) - Restaurants

    Another Hongkong restaurant that I ate on Sunday after checking out of the chalet, after a hectic 2 nights in the chalet. Tired but fun. =)

    So the four of us - Suban, Colin, David and I sat down after a tremendous effort to get our bags to E!hub with the help of an NTUC trolley which came to great use. Having a good meal is all the more rewarding.

    And we decided to eat at this place namely because we couldn’t be bothered to go anywhere further. So we ordered like many stuff ranging from side orders to finger food to main courses to funny drink cups and stuff.

    What we ordered were as follows : - Some vegetable fried with fish and black beans. - Steam Pork Ribs - XO Carrot Cake - Nissin Luncheon Meat noodles - Mayo Fries - Fried Beef Hor Fun - Pork Floss French Toast - 2x Steamed Siew Mai - 2x Macau Fried Rice with Chicken Chop

    Drinks were: - Mango Pomelo - Ice Milked Tea - Honey lemon Plum Ice Blended - 2x Lime Tea Cooler

    First to the food - I had the Macau Fried Rice with Chicken Chop. Tell me that the fried rice wasn’t fantastic. It tasted out of this world man. It’s neither hard nor too soft. And it’s a joy to eat it together with the chicken chop. And quantity wise is enough. My god.

    The other thing that tasted out of this world was the XO Carrot Cake. But it was like one of the best side dish carrot cakes I have ever tasted in restaurants. Damn, I wanna have more! I also ordered the mayo fries, which is good because it wasn’t salty. But frankly speaking it’s just fries with a small pallet of mayo for dipping. Nothing really special about it. -_-”.

    I also ordered steam pork rib, which wasn’t too bad la. The siew mai isn’t really worth ordering as it was rather small and needed a little more taste, which could be better. The Fried Hor Fun that David ate was normal and not that salty, and so is Colin’s Nissin Luncheon Meat noodle, which needed more salt. Suban ate the same fried rice as I did.

    The plate of vegetable that we ordered isn’t all too bad. Wonder what fish they use? Well, to my amazement, it’s sardine. Well, it’s still edible. Haha. I couldn't comment on the French toast but I heard it was like their popular dish there. According to Colin and Suban, they told me that it was soft on the inside, a little crisp on the outside. With pork floss - YEA. LOL.

    Now moving on to the drinks, its cool to say that the drinks are good stuff because it tasted different nonetheless. I had my Ice Milk Tea which was like Milk Tea, but they served in a rather cute type of glass. Same goes for the free Lime Tea Cooler which Colin and Suban had it free because of their birthday month.

    Subsequently, Suban also ordered his Mango Pomelo and Honey Lemon Plum. The Mango Pomelo was fantastic. A mix so tasty that it keeps you wanting to drink more. That explains why Suban ordered the Honey Lemon Plum.

    And for the Honey Lemon Plum…… It’s a drink that can really WAKE YOU UP for it’s high content of sourness. But what’s unique is that in the midst of it’s sourness contains sweetness that can be tasted. And that’s what I call a very very good drink. =)

    In all, we spent a total of $81.45, and with so much food downed into our stomach, it was damn filling and happy. Haha. Ambience wise is alright, like any other Hong Kong Cafes you have been to. And we were having our meals with friendly staff service of course. =)

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