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  1. tancherry09
     10 Nov 2008 at 1:54 pm

    My group of friends and I are regular at Boiler Room, we club there like once a week because we like the band so much. Gino is so wacky and funny, the band and singers are very professional. I would say their performance is of international standard.

    We are not big spenders, but considering our frequent visits, we have spent a considerable amount of money there. We went there so often and even became friends the performers! The performers are bunch of nice people, so when they walk past our table, they will greet us and of course we will offer them drinks.

    Still, there are many areas to improve even though they are already an established club and full house almost every other night. Not sure if the management knows or not, or are they even interested to know anot, the service staff there has serious attitude problem. I am not saying all the staffs, but still a handfull of them dont seem to understand basic customer service. Being one of the top clubs in SG, frequently visited by tourists, I think they should really buck up in giving their staffs basic training.

    We just went there the last weekend, and the experience we had was horrible. We were sitting by the bar counter and ran out of ice for our 2 bottles of Chivas. The were 4 service staff in the counter, they were busy serving other customers, so we waited. 5 mins past, 10 mins past, they have not attended to us. But its ok for us, because we understand, then one of the service staff walked towards us. thinking he was going to attend to us, we signal him to top up the ice. BUT, he simply walked past pretending not to see us. My friend got so angry and started calling out at him, but he simply ignored us. We had no choice but to throw an ice cube at him to catch his attention. He then turned around and rudely asked what we want and stared at us like we have killed his dog. We are a group of girls, the staff is tall big guy, we were all so helpless and how can he treat us like that, moreever we are paying customers. How can they let the customer wait for 20mins for a bucket of ice and get this kind of treatment from the staff? If they are too busy to handle the customers, i suggest they place ice vending machines in the club for us to self service. Or better still, scrap the bar, put liquor vending machines. ALL SELF SERVICE, that way they will not need to serve any customer at all.

    And one of the performer was seen hitting a female customer who have accidentally knocked his gf. The group of female customer was later throw out by the bouncers for no reason, and the lady was actually hit and suffered cut on her face from the assult of the performer.

    Please visit this club if you have too much money to spend and do not require any service. Because they only recognise $$ and not your face.

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    1. uglyfatchick
       26 May 2008 at 2:23 am
         The Boiler Room - Nightlife   The Boiler Room - Nightlife

      I just had a very very very bad experience.

      I know clubbing is like not the norm on Sunday, but there is this event " anniversary party" and I've won like "free tixs", so I went..

      Time stated 9pm-4am. I went ard 9.15, there was no one inside and things were not set up yet! I got the goodie bag that's like pretty empty. The only thing I liked was the paper bag itself. Anyway, there was NO ONE to chop my hand or anything but a staff pointed to a door for us to go in. No bouncer.

      We ordered 2 drinks and since it's one for one, one of our drinks should be free right? but no, the staffs were new and pressed 2 bottles, so we were charged 2 bottles and given 4 bottles to drink. I was like. Since there the place is like so empty, I only wanted 1 bottle so I can finish and go off soon.

      Check out the first photo. No people around! lol.

      I wanted to go to the washroom. The washroom is located outside. When I went out to go to the toilet, a lady told me I wasn't allowed to go to the toilet, it's for VIPs ONLY. I decide I'll just go back in to ask my bf how. Then I got stopped by a very fierce bouncer. He didn't care if he just saw me coming out of the exit like less than 30 seconds ago. He says no stamp, no entry and I should go buy tickets if I want to re-enter the place again. He didn't care if I'm out to go toilet or what. I was like so scared, cause it's the first time I go there and I've no idea how they operate.

      I was called my bf who's inside for help. He took me to the toilet, the lady who stopped me from going to the toilet, wasn't around. When I was near the toilet, another lady wanted to stop me from going to the toilet. -.-

      I don't understand what's with blocking people from going to their toilets? Can't they hold their "VIPs" meeting elsewhere???

      Then bf and I wanted to go back in to finish our drinks and the same bouncer stopped us again. This time my bf told him we just went in less than 30mins ago and we have drinks inside. The bouncer told the manager or something that we're trying to create trouble and are being "excited". -.- We even have the receipts to prove that we were inside loh.

      We manage to get stamped and got back in. Drank a bit and left the place with 2 and a half bottles of drinks wasted.

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      Rating given:1 stars
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