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14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza, #04-06
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Nightlife » Bars & Pubs
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    2. Guttercat
       25 Oct 2007 at 1:00 am
         Thewateringhole - Nightlife   Thewateringhole - Nightlife   Thewateringhole - Nightlife   Thewateringhole - Nightlife   Thewateringhole - Nightlife

      thewateringhole's a cozy little joint run by an old mate of mine, situated where the Why Pub formerly operated @ Far East Plaza (RIP, Roy).

      In an effort to throw off the shackles of his past (he used to be the bartender of the now defunct Vintage Rock Pub), Loon decided not to play rock music in the pub.

      Which is a bleeding waste of a good pub, if you ask me.

      Be warned that you may be subjected to pretty weird (read: B-grade horror) movies on their LCD screen, if you ever deign to drop by.

      The first time I was there, another mate & I ended up spending half the night being groped by the resident bar shirtlifter, as usual (it must be tradition, or an old charter, or something).

      Strange thing about the business is that Loon only serves Heineken in pints or half-pints, whereas your standard FEP pub nominally serves their brew in macho jugs. Thank goodness for Erdinger, I have mine dark.

      They do serve a variety of other drinks as well; none of which I can recall off the tip of my tongue, seeing as to how I rarely touch the stuff (no girly mixes for me, thank you very much).

      But the best bit of their menu is the mouth-watering snack selection: Top Shell, Mussel's Cheese/Salsa, Japanese Crispy Chicken, Nachos Cheese/Salsa... dang, my tummy's a-growling already.

      Do pop by if you're the sort who enjoys a nice relaxing drink at the end of the workday in a comfortable setting, but watch that waistline on the snacks!

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      Rating given:4 stars
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