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5001 Beach Road
#01-15, Golden Mile Complex
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6299-9009
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Photos of Transtar Travel (Golden Mile Complex) - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Transtar Travel (Golden Mile Complex) - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Transtar Travel (Golden Mile Complex) - Hotels &TravelsPhotos of Transtar Travel (Golden Mile Complex) - Hotels &Travels

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  1. randi
     15 Jan 2009 at 3:16 pm
       Transtar Travel (Golden Mile Complex) - Hotels &Travels   Transtar Travel (Golden Mile Complex) - Hotels &Travels   Transtar Travel (Golden Mile Complex) - Hotels &Travels   Transtar Travel (Golden Mile Complex) - Hotels &Travels
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    I took their First Class (Solitaire) Coach from Genting - Singapore (One Way). It really made coming back to singapore such a pleasure and fun . The trip lasted about 6 Hours or so . The trip cost me RM $130 (Low Season rates)(approx SGD $54 ) which i felt was a bit steep compared to the other services which cost about RM $45 (approx SGD $22) for the trip back . But its money Worth spending ! .

    Their Onbus entertainment system actually WORKS !Seriously I was so surprise and I watch a Thai horror Movie Letters Of Death , Lady Iron Chef and Shrek 2 as well . Their entertainment system carries quite an interesting array of movies From english to thai to chinese to korean and Japanese as well . Headphones are provided too . Not those cheap looking ones with flimsy sponge covering ... Its those big bulky ones which i assumed would be spoilted and soft in volume . Boy was i wrong . I had a jump outta my skin when my movie started with a big which nearly deafen me (serves me right for assuming the worst) .

    The food served was surprisingly good too. I thought it would turn out to be some rubbery chicken burger or something but it turns out to be a warm meal of Nasi Goreng with Redang Ayam , Fried Egg and Salad . Served by their onbus stewardess . Turns out i have another supper of Chicken burger in the late evening . Which i was too full to handle BUT was able to tabao (packet) home after i get down the bus . Tea is provided onbus too ! Or coffee if you prefer , even Chinese tea too . Not too sure if soft drinks is provided as well (i didn't ask and didn't order) or not because the air conditioning of the bus was strong so i had Tea all the way =)

    Their seat are spacious and comfy !! I'm quite BIG and the seats actually dwarf me .The seats are clean to me with a bottle of water provided and a blankie . Even their curtains are clean and pretty :D . You can also get a pretty decent Massage outta your chair while watching a movies or plain dozing .

    The best thing about the ride was . I don't have to worry about other passenger behind my seat knee-ing my seats and noisy kids crying and make a rackus (No offense to people with children . I don't mind kids but i do mind parents who don't do theit utmost best to keep their kids in check ) Or the auntie infront of me decided to lower her seat down to the max which leaves me a small space for wriggling ..

    No Qualms about taking this coach again if i want to go genting or anywhere else if possible =) . The money is truly well spend for a ride of comfort :D

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. samantha_yei
       17 Aug 2008 at 3:12 am

      As I always travel to KL in a monthly basis, I would highly recommend Transtar Travel! I have tried others coach service as well, but so far only Transtar manage to make me stay on with their service. For those frequent traveller on Transtar like me, I would suggest that you can apply for their transtar world card ( 2 years for $10) as well to get the 10% discount. This transtar world card also can you to earn point to redeem free tics as well. I think you can earn those point form coffee bean also. Details can be search thru their official website. Not all their First Class coach have power supply on board, but for premium Class (double deck), you can surely find the power supply just next to your seat. Not sure why pay more yet sometimes you might not get the power supply for First Class Coach. Also I don't think they wash (clean) their blanket where you can feel the smell. Normally I just used it to cover my lower body. :P Afterall, unlike old coach, they are not smelly, they are comfortable, and I would say that I don't need to go thru the hassle of travelling to airport at least 45 mins before, then one hour flight, then waiting for luggage, then another 45 mins journey to KL downtown if by flight. After all it does worth $58 (with 10% discount is $52) for those extra perks rather than buy tics from Larkin Station.

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. genesis
         24 Oct 2007 at 11:51 pm

        Took the First Class Coach to KL and the best part about it is that it is a 16 no small kids running up and down the bus and crying or causing any disturbance. The entire journey was pleasant and smooth. Highlights?

        10" personal LCD screen Total trip to KL about 4-5 hours, so can watch about 2 movies.

        Meals on board One meal (Standard or vegetarian) on board served to your seat by the inflight, oops, or inbus attendant.

        Attentive service Inbus attendant, dressed like an air-stewardess or land-stewardess, politely asks if you would like tea, coffee or soft drinks. Even blanket provided if you do decide to take a snooze

        Massage Chair Get yourself a back massage while watching a movie. Should not all cinemas have this!!!

        One trip ticket cost about $58 to KL. Definitely a must for the business traveller who decides not to take a plane. Several of them were with their notebooks turned on throughout the flight...oops...again...the coach ride.

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        Comments on this review:
        1. Nemesis
          Nemesis said:
          wah really sounds shiok..must try it next time
          25 Oct 2007 at 9:17 am
        2. feizhu
          feizhu said:
          $58 so ex :S Usual one way only $28 :S
          25 Oct 2007 at 11:44 am
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