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200 Victoria Street
Parco Bugis Junction #01-67
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6333-4464
Food and Beverages » Coffee & Tea
Eating Places » Coffee Shops
Restaurants » Desserts
Photos of Toast Box (Bugis Junction) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Toast Box (Bugis Junction) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Toast Box (Bugis Junction) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Toast Box (Bugis Junction) - Food & BeveragesPhotos of Toast Box (Bugis Junction) - Food & Beverages

Toast Box shares the charm of Southeast Asian traditional coffee and toast culture with customers. Breeze into Toast Box and be charmed by the joy of old style, casual meal times in a simplistic yet endearing ambience of the traditional 1960s or the British Colonial times. From wooden chairs and tables, vintage posters to endearing touches such as a retro fan or radio, it’s a blast from the past!

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  1. thinkefy
     04 Aug 2014 at 3:52 pm
       Toast Box (Bugis Junction) - Food & Beverages   Toast Box (Bugis Junction) - Food & Beverages   Toast Box (Bugis Junction) - Food & Beverages

    It was the Sunday noon lunch time peak hour, though the offices and working crowd are mostly lazing at home, yet being in one of the shopping iconic locations, the place will slowly be filled up with shoppers.

    So we wanted a cold drink to quench the hot afternoon and were told there are completely no cold drinks served, no reasons given just asked to get yourself a hot drink. I paid for my orders, while trying to appease my boggling mind. My orders included a peanut toast with eggs, hot coffee, mee siam and a hot milo is simply too hot...

    The drinks i carried and sat down with my partner at a cleaner table. Why i say cleaner is because all the other unoccupied tables are dirty... So define dirty: littered with left over food, some sicks are sticky, obviously children spilled drinks and the floor dodgy with spill stains, finished meals utensils, bowls and cups left for a while, i mean we could spot the slightly windblown dried up looks and well, the place is dirty.

    If you could spot my picture i uploaded, the place is unkempt and there were 4 people at the counter and while i guess 2 more behind the door to the store and I was simply wondering what happened to our first class service...

    What was worst wasn't the vibrating tag for me to pick up my order.. I mean its a cafe, i'm fine with it but when i lifted my hand to pick up my bowl of mee siam, i got BURNT... Yes laterally the bowl was so freaking hot it burnt my fingers (most likely food was microwaved, otherwise how can the bowl be this hot?)... while i juggled my pain, the 2 staffs nearest to me in the cashier kitchen just looked at me nonchalantly. No help was offered, no advise just nothing... i had to call my partner to help me lift the bowl, even an experienced cook with thicker male skin as got to find a dirty rag near the counter to pick up the bowl. All this while the big-hooha... nobody cared.... I was dismayed... apparently amazed by the service.....

    Toastbox is a representative brand of Singapore and with service standards as such is simply sad... Please treat this as a feedback to improve your services... You somehow has a social responsibility as an iconic brand of our country.

    I am sad, disappointed and pissed... never coming back sorry!!! Even our food courts has better service!

    Location: 4/5 Food: 3.5/5 Cleanliness: 1/5 Service: 1/5

    Will i return: absolutely no Will i bring a friend: nope... sorry!!!

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    1. RichardDTan
       16 Jul 2010 at 4:27 pm
         Toast Box (Bugis Junction) - Food & Beverages   Toast Box (Bugis Junction) - Food & Beverages

      There are two new toast product available:

      Thick Toast with Bananas & Strawberries, and Thick Toast with Peaches & Bananas

      Both are unique products, featuring toasted thick toast, cut into bite-size pieces, and sprinkled with banana slices and strawberry slices or peach slices, then drizzled with syrup. The crunchy toast gives a good contrasting texture with the fruit pieces and even the choice of fruits - bananas (soft texture) against peaches and strawberries (firmer texture) - is a good blend. Depending on the outlet and fruit season, you may also have a little sour strawberries which is another good contrast with the banana slices.

      Ala carte price for each dish is $2.50, or you can order a set which comes with an iced beverage (eg Iced Lemon Tea, Iced Milo) for $3.50.

      Quite interesting, you should try it!

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      Rating given:4 stars
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