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200 Victoria Street
B1 Bugis Junction
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Restaurants » Fast Food, Japanese

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    » 1 Review for “Tori-Q (Bugis Junction) ” - Restaurants

  1. Great Sage
     05 Sep 2007 at 11:35 pm

    This is bascially one store that i will never fail to visit whenever i pass my bugis junction. Even if i am real full or just have my meal, i will still grab a stick or two. Very tempting, i can say. hahaha...

    This shop is more of a finger food kind of eatery rather than a main course restuarant thus given its location (directly opposite of the basement 1 food court), they can still managed to bring in quite abit of customers.

    Tori Q is basically similar as our local satays but with a japanese flavour in it. Personally, i find the cooking method of the tori Q rather amusing. It is not those common kind of cooking method like frying, steaming or stiring.

    They basically skew up bits and pieces of meat into individual sticks and will click each stick onto the skewer holder. The skewer holder will then complete the rest of the cooking by doing three things: 1) to cook the skewed pieces meat to its perfection 2) to rotate the meat to ensure thorough cooking 3) to dip the meat into the required sauce

    Lastly, the cooked skewed meat will then be dipped into teriyaki sauce before putting on the tray for sale. I was particually impressed on how they can capture the cooking time of the meat soo accuratly. Imagine each of the skew meat will be cooked after completed one cycle. Impressing issn't it?

    Their varieties may not be alot but those common ones can be easily found like pork, chicken and beef. I particually like their chicken balls (chicken balls are made up of minced chicken shaped to a ball like shape).

    The outer crust of the chicken ball is crispy with abit of burnt smell but the inner layer of the chicken is very juicy with the sweet marinated taste of the chicken. With the additional teriyaki sauce added to it, these chicken balls tasted extremely tasty. I can easily eat 5 sticks at one go. Go on and try them out now, you wont regret!

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    1. eeml
      eeml said:
      i love their set meal very delicious and value for money.... better than eating jap food in food court
      24 May 2008 at 9:27 am
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