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86 East Coast Road BLK B
#01-11/12/13 Katong Village
Postal code: Show postal code
Telephone: (65) 6344-8280
Restaurants » Japanese
Photos of Waraku (Katong) - RestaurantsPhotos of Waraku (Katong) - RestaurantsPhotos of Waraku (Katong) - RestaurantsPhotos of Waraku (Katong) - RestaurantsPhotos of Waraku (Katong) - Restaurants

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  1. nadbe11e
     08 Jun 2008 at 1:17 pm
       Waraku (Katong) - Restaurants   Waraku (Katong) - Restaurants   Waraku (Katong) - Restaurants

    Two Hungry gals headed down to this Waraku Branch for some good nosh.

    After taking forever to decide what to eat, we finally ordered.

    The Hokkai Salad(s), 3 different kinds of sushi, The Maguro Yukkei Gunkan, Kani Mayo Gunkan and the Negitoro Gunkan. We also ordered the Dashimaki and the Chicken Houba Yaki.

    The Hokkai Salad was good. Sashimi was very fresh and good, and I like the usage of the wasabe and soy sauce making it very refreshing.

    Didnt try the sushi except the Maguro Yukkei one and I liked it. Tasted quite weird cos of the Egg yolk but i didnt feel sick after that so it passed.

    Dashimaki was nice, done quite well actually. and my Chicken Houba Yaki certainly was intresting. Cooked it myself but enjoyed it throughly. The paste it was cooked on was delicious as well. Good food.

    Staff was polite, friendly and service was prompt. Good job

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    1. Bobo
       21 Nov 2007 at 9:13 am
         Waraku (Katong) - Restaurants   Waraku (Katong) - Restaurants   Waraku (Katong) - Restaurants

      Waraku (Katong) is one place which I keep walking past many times, peer in but never walk in. Finally I managed to drag my colleague there with me one lazy weekday afternoon. There weren't any customers then since it was technically tea time so we had all the attention.

      The servers were very polite and were very smiley. The ambience was pretty casual but it was really cramp with all the tables close to each other. A little claustrophobic, so luckily it wasn't crowded. But it's a full house at dinner time so you might want to make reservations if you intend to go then.

      We ordered:- Horenso and Bacon Cream MMmmM It smelt so good when it came in its HUGE bowl. I was really apprehensive about the cream because I'm never a fan of cream based sauces... but I tried it anyway. It wasn't as thick as it looked yet it had a lot of flavour. It was served on Noodles and with rice on the side. Lots of ingredients to go ard. I'd say this is good value for $12.90...

      Katsu Curry Don I regret ordering this the moment I ordered. Not because it looked horrible but because the other things looked so interesting and I chose such a safe option! So Dumb. A safe option it might be... it wasn't good enough. The curry is one of the salty-est I've tasted. And there was SO MUCH sauce but no rice. And 3 pieces of chicken. How does it add up?! So I ended up eating only half of it... the rest was just too salty to take.

      Amazingly I would be going back. We paid about $28-$30 for the two of us...Which is not really value for money but the rest of the things on the menu really enticed me and I think it deserves another try. :)

      But service did falter when they had more people... we got our bill really slow.... :P

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      Rating given:3 stars
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