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603 Balestier Road
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Telephone: (65) 6250-0692
Food and Beverages » Bakeries

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    » 9 Reviews for “603 Tau Sar Piah ” - Food & Beverages

  1. greedymummy
     04 Jun 2008 at 5:41 pm

    This tau sar piah store packs some seriously good stuff! We love the variety of goodies in the shop, but the price is just right. The tau sar piah is simply irresistable once it's made fresh from the oven. It's so good that my aunty keeps going back every week to buy boxes for the whole family!

    I luurrve the sweet tau sar piah - just enough sweetness of the tau sar filling balanced with saltiness of the crispy fragrant crust that smells wonderful fresh from the oven. It's so good that I often nibble at it slowly to savour the textures, and having one is never enough, I always end up eating two or three at a go!!

    Parking may be a problem cause it's located along the main road, although you can still get away with parking round the corner and walking a short distance to the store.

    Best to go on weekday afternoon when the queues are less long, you'd probably get the crusty yummy piahs fresh and still available!!!

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    Rating given:4 stars
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    1. tinkerbell
       02 Sep 2007 at 4:16 pm

      When my parents heard that I've gotten a chance from Yebber to taste the tau sa piahs from 603 Tau Sa Piah @ Balestier, they were excited and raving about how good the tau sa piahs were.. Curious, I was also excited to taste them after I got it.

      Locating 603 Tau Sa Piah was not at all difficult. I drove there and though there were many other shops offering tau sa piahs along the street as well, 603 Tau Sa Piah just stood out from the rest with it's signboard and easy location of being just at the corner, when I walked in from the carpark.

      Arriving at the shop, the variety of items available just made my eyes blur while scanning around. Tau sa piahs of many flavours were available, and some of them were really creative flavours that you wouldn't expect to find in such a traditional treat like tau sa piahs. Haha..but seriously, their large apple pie caught most of my attention. At the same time, I was also wondering how on earth would that large apple pie taste like. Too bad I didn't get one to satisfy my curiosity. :(

      Nevertheless, the lady at the shop was really friendly and generous. She was all smiles while serving me and telling me each of the flavours that she was putting into the box. Thus, I received tau sa piahs of flavours: Black Sesame, Salty, Durian, Coffee, Yam, Lotus, Original. Not only that, they have generously included their chicken pie, tuna puff and bbq cha siew bun for me to try as well! My supper that day was really fulfilling. :)

      For me that day, I had their Chicken Pie, Durian & Salty filling tau sa piahs. The Chicken Pie was really delicious! :) The crust was thin and light, whereas the filling within the pie was generous. The creamy sauce within the pie made it even tantalising on the tastebuds. It was not at all dry like some other chicken pies, though I only ate it after a few hours after I got it from the shop. And with the generous sauce inside, I'm really surprised that the crust did not get soggy! Really, I wanted more after I had that one. :P

      As for their tau sa piahs, the one with Durian filling was really nice. It was light and not at all sticky nor strong-flavoured. Refreshingly sweet wouldn't make you feel sick of it after a few bites, despite the generous fillings. It was just..just nice. Appropriate amount and size, in my opinion. It...doesn't make you sick of eating it, yet it leaves you wanting more, in a way. xP

      The Salty flavoured one was also the same. The saltiness was just nice and was just enough to make a delicious and lip smacking little treat. ;)

      My bf had the Black Sesame and Coffee flavoured one and he commented that they were really good. With the thin crust and generous fillings, it really made it a good treat. The coffee had a sweet taste that was also just nice, and it left a really nice light coffee taste in the mouth after that. :)

      As for the rest, it was shared between my parents and I, each trying a little of each. The Yam flavoured another one of my favourite as it was surprisingly lightly sweet and has a smooth texture. Usually, I'll find some yam fillings really sweet and..too sticky. But, this was an exception. Hence, I happily finished off the rest of the Yam tau sa piah all by myself in the end. :P

      And more importantly, I do agree with Snowbringer that these tau sa piahs do taste as good even after keeping them for a few days before consumption. The crust still tasted great, being firm yet soft at the same time.

      Overall, I'll greatly recommend the pastries and tau sa piah at 603 Tau Sa Piah to everyone! The quality of their stuff are really good. Every pastry and tau sa piah seemed to have been made to an appropriate level, where you won't get sick of their generosity (their fillings), and would want to have more of it instead! :)

      I'll definitely go back to get more the next time, especially their large apple pies! :D

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      Rating given:4 stars
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      1. Snowbringer
         01 Sep 2007 at 11:09 am

        heard much raves about the many delicious tau sar piah shops along Balestier Shop before but never really had the chance to go and try them.

        So on one of the afternoons that I was free and was passing by Balestier Road, I decided to just walk down the street and get some. Indeed there were quite a number of shops along the whole stretch, but the one that caught my attention was 603 tau sar piahs. Theirs was the first shop I saw after turning the corner and they had a large red signboard outside the shop, so oncoming cars could see it and stop by to get some snacks. Furthermore, I could already smell the tantalising aroma of the tau sar piahs from afar.

        First time in a tau sar piah shop, so i just stood in front of the counter staring at the rows of different flavours of tau sar piahs in front of me. To my delight, apart from different flavours of tau sar piahs like durian, yam, red bean, pineapple, salted, black sesame, coffee, lian rong, they also sold pastries like currypuffs, tuna puffs, chicken pies, baked char siew buns and some other breads. Really a large variety for us to choose from. =)

        In the end, I could not resist the aromas, and decided to try one of each of the different flavours of tau sar piahs as they were sold at a cheap and affordable price of 50 cents and I also ordered the chicken pie, tuna puff and baked char siew bun. Too bad the famous currypuffs were sold out already, if not I would have tried it as well.

        Upon reaching home, I let my family try out these unique flavours. My mum tried out the durian flavoured one and found it refreshing as the taste was not too strong but still left a lingering taste in the mouth after eating it. It also had a really nice aroma. My dad tried the coffee flavoured one and was also raving about it's nice taste. I myself tried the tuna puff and found it to have abundant tuna fillings and the crust was crisp but flakey. =)

        I bought too many so the rest were kept for tea breaks or suppers. At first I was worried that the tau sar piahs and pastries might not turn out as good if kept for long but when I tasted them the next day, they still tasted as good. So my family and I had wonderful tea breaks for those few days.

        I particularly liked the pastries especially the chicken pie as the crust was just nice and there were large chicken cubes and potatoes within, which made a very substantial meal. My family liked the tau sar piahs as it not only catered to the traditional tastes and also provided new experiences.

        In all, I recommend this tau sar piah shop as it sells a large variety of tau sar piahs and pastries and the aunties at the stall are very friendly and will even make recommendations of the bestsellers. Most importantly, it caters to the tastes of the entire family =) Good place to go to if you are looking for nice and cheap snacks!

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        Rating given:4 stars
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